What are the Advantages of Studying in Spain? And Why Should You Live in Spain as a Study-Abroad Student?

Obtaining a degree abroad seems glamorous to many people, and not shockingly, plenty of study-abroad students select universities in Spain as their academic destination. Apart from having the best thriving environment, vibrant culture and exciting cuisine, the university fees are the lowest here when compared to the rest of Europe. 

These best universities in Spain for international students are 77.5% financed by the state, which is a great attraction for many students just to pack their bags, get Spanish visas, and enroll in these prestigious institutes. 

Living as a study-abroad student you can also rent affordable apartments in Spain, complementing the overall low cost of living. Beyond academic excellence, the housing market provides diverse options, from city apartments to countryside dwellings, with flexible rental agreements. This affordability alleviates financial burdens, allowing students to focus on their studies.

If you are considering relocating to somewhere to study, the following are some reasons Spain should be your top priority.

1. High-quality education

The excellence and legacy of higher education in Spain have a history that goes back to the Middle Ages. It is home to some of the oldest universities in Europe. Numerically, there are 31 private and 45 public universities that are regulated by the Spanish Ministry of Education. Most of them have both official and non-official degrees. Official degrees follow the standard Bologna Process. 

2. Cool Mediterranean climate 

If climate is an important factor for you while considering the options to study abroad, Spain should be at the top of your list. The pleasant, warm Mediterranean climate offers summers with mild, rainy winters, attracting students from cold regions of the world. 

In other words, it is a great opportunity for students to get their short-term student visa for Spain and experience the incredible climate while working.

3. Incredible job opportunities

Spain has industries operating in different sectors, and they always welcome new, talented individuals. To meet the demand for highly qualified, skilled workers, they also offer work placements. These opportunities open new doors to professional success in the field you choose to study. 

Plus, they also have strong ties with European countries that encourage the useful exchange of knowledge, human capital, and educational resources. 

4. Amazingly low cost of living 

If you think about moving to a first-world country, the first question that crosses your mind might be, will I be able to survive there financially? The reality is that the cost of living in Spain is unbelievably low as compared to the entire North America.

5. Home to many local sports

If you are a sports lover or play a sport part-time, Spain is a great choice for you. Basque pelota, Canarian wrestling to Soccer, Golf, and Tennis – the sports scene is totally lit there. Why not make it a source of relaxation after a tiring day at work?

Often, they host grand sports events like the Olympics, so you can get a chance to experience that as well. It can be a lifetime experience for you. 

6. Diverse cuisines

For many people, cuisines are the main thing that motivates their decision. So, for the foodies, Spain is heaven. It offers a wide variety of authentic and international dishes that everyone loves. The dominant food culture is unmatched from other regions of the world.

Some of the most famous cuisines of Spain are:

  • Paella
  • Spanish omelette
  • Patatas bravas
  • Gazpacho
  • Croquette

7. Get to know more about Spanish music

Yes! Spanish music goes beyond just Despacito and Gasolina. So why not explore this untapped genre of music while studying in one of the best business schools in Spain for international students?

In the traditional life of Spain, you will find incredible genres of music everywhere. From roadsides to metro stations and pubs. Jazz, guitar, flute, you will find every variation. Their cultural fabric is incomplete without music and films. 

Fun Fact: The Spanish music industry has grown by 12% in the initial months of 2023.


While weighing the pros and cons of studying as an international student, there are a lot of factors to consider. From accommodation to food and education quality. So, the best practice is to analyze your own situation and then decide what is the best country for you to study and live in for the long term. 

Krysta Jakson

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