Content Marketing Expert Reveals 8 Tips to Land Your Dream Job in SEO

So, you’re looking to dive head-first into the world of SEO, huh? You’re fascinated by the power of optimizing websites for search engines and are eager to make it your career. Well, you’re not alone. Google searches for the term “content marketing SEO job” have increased 121% this past month. 

However, it’s not as simple as knowing a few keywords and having a vague idea of what a backlink is. Landing a job in SEO requires specific skills, dedication, and, yes, a dash of creativity. 

To help those starting their career in SEO, we contacted Jade Pruett, content marketing expert and founder of HelloSEO, who shares the top tips to help you land your dream job in SEO. They also talk to Lucas James Creative in Calgary to discuss some important things to help them grow in this field.

Know the Basics—but Don’t Stop There

Before you dazzle your future employer with your SEO acumen, you should know the basics. Get a solid grasp of keywords, meta descriptions, on-page and off-page optimization, and how Google’s algorithm works. 

“Take an online course if you’re starting from scratch; Moz, Coursera, and Udemy offer some comprehensive ones,” suggests Jade. 

Specialize in a Niche SEO Skill

Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to find your SEO groove. Are you a technical SEO whiz, or is content optimization more your thing? Being a jack-of-all-trades is valuable, but companies often look for specialists. 

“Consider diving deep into areas like Local SEO, E-commerce SEO, or even Voice Search Optimization to stand out,” suggests Jade. 

Build Your Own SEO Project

Create a blog, optimize an old website, or offer free help to a local business. Monitor the performance, and make data-backed decisions to improve the site’s SEO. With link building service UK, you gain access to a network of high-quality, relevant backlinks that bolster your site’s reputation.

“Not only does this prove that you can actually deliver results, but it also demonstrates your initiative and dedication to potential employers,” comments Jade. 

Showcase Your Skills through Case Studies

Employers love numbers and real-world examples. Your theoretical knowledge becomes infinitely more impressive when you can show that it led to a 30% increase in organic traffic or doubled the conversion rate for a website. Generating organic traffic involves implementing strategic link-building strategies that secure high-value backlinks from reputable sources, enhancing the website’s authority and search engine visibility.

One such impactful link-building strategy is HARO Link Building – Build HARO Links at Scale. HARO is a platform that connects journalists with relevant sources for their stories. Leveraging HARO for link building involves responding to journalists’ queries within your niche, thereby earning valuable backlinks when your contributions are featured in articles. This approach not only enhances a website’s credibility and authority but also fosters relationships with media professionals.

By integrating HARO Link Building into their strategy, digital marketers can achieve remarkable results, driving substantial increases in organic traffic and conversion rates that impress even the most discerning employers.

“Prepare case studies to discuss during your interview and on your portfolio detailing all of the progress you have accomplished for your current clients,” mentions Jade. 

Get Certified

Though not strictly necessary, SEO certifications can provide validation for the skills you’ve acquired. Google’s Analytics and Ads certifications are highly regarded and free to take.

Network, Network, Network

Networking is vital in any job search, but in the SEO world, where trends change faster than you can say ‘Google algorithm update’, it’s crucial. Follow industry experts on social media, engage in SEO forums, attend webinars, and consider attending SEO conferences. The more people you know in the industry, the higher your chances of landing that dream job.

Tailor Your Resume for SEO

Optimize your resume like you would a website. Use relevant keywords in your skills and experience section. Showcase your SEO accomplishments prominently. 

“Consider creating an online resume that is SEO-optimized to demonstrate your skills practically. After all, you’re applying for an SEO job so your resume should reflect that,” suggests Jade. 

Keep Learning

The world of SEO changes quickly. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Continue to read, practice, and adapt, even after you’ve landed that job. 

“Always remember that the best SEO specialists are those who evolve alongside the industry,” points out Jade.

Breaking into the world of SEO can be challenging, but with the right skills, a passion for learning, and a sprinkle of networking magic, you’ll find your perfect role in no time. Good luck out there!

Charlene Rhinehart

Charlene Rhinehart walked a non-traditional path as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and became a corporate pageant queen, career blogging professional, and world traveler who motivates millennials to create career success and a lifestyle they love through The Career Goddess Academy. She won the title of Ms. Corporate America 2015 in a national pageant held in Orlando, Fl and is available to share experiences about career mistakes, networking best practices as an introvert, interviewing, career advancement, certification motivation, diversity & inclusion practices, and women winning in the workplace. Charlene has written for The Huffington Post,,, Toastmasters International, Career Goddess Academy, and several other publications.