Working from Home? Here are Some Ways to Spruce up Your Garden

It can be difficult to work from home if you only have a small spare room or are forced to set up your computer on the dining room table. But if you have a garden, you can make use of the great outdoors for your home office. If you’re yet to tap away at your laptop under the sun or the stars, then this post can help you make the switch. It has all the tips you need to make your garden feel a bit more like a workspace, giving you a change of scene and helping you to escape the same four walls you see day after day.


Investing in some LED festoon lights for gardens can help you to see more clearly as the days start getting shorter. They’ll give you a bit of extra illumination while creating a bit of atmosphere to keep your spirits high. What’s more, they’ll also double as mood lighting during garden parties and can even be used on warm summer evenings. Looking at your laptop in the dark can put a strain on your eyes, so invest in some quality string lights today.


There’s no point in working in the garden if you don’t have a suitable chair and table. Good thing that sites like Rattan Garden Furniture may have some wonderful suggestions.

While it’s probably best to leave your ergonomic desk chair in your office, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer from back pain while soaking up those rays. Think about buying a portable back and footrest to help you correct your posture while working in the garden. And make sure that the table you have is at the right height. If you need to buy some new garden furniture anyway, think about what kind would be the best for typing away at.

Plug extension

If you’re planning to work in the garden all day, then your laptop is going to need charging at some point. Depending on how big your garden is and where your plug sockets are indoors, it could be tricky to connect up all your devices. Invest in a reliable extension cable that’s designed for outdoor use so that you’re never caught short in the middle of a meeting.


Whether it’s the summer or the winter, you’re going to need some kind of shelter when working in the garden. In the summer, it’s vital to create shade to avoid sunburns and to help you see your laptop screen more easily. You could invest in an anti-glare screen cover to make things a bit easier. In the winter, you’ll want to be shielded from small showers and gusts of wind, so investing in a canopy to go above your patio should be high up on your to-do list. If you are mostly going to be in the garden during the summer, a good parasol should do the trick.

Working from home isn’t the same for everyone, so if your home is starting to bring you down, move your workspace outdoors.

Sophia Anderson

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