Trending Winter Hair Styles Of 2021

Your appearance highly depends on how you style your hair. A messed-up hairdo can make you look untidy at times. Whereas a perfectly done hairdo can make you look wow. Winters are not so welcoming for a hair routine. Your hair might feel oily and damped in this season. Tackling up such hair is quite a technique. Here we have some trending winter hairstyles that you can flaunt this winter.

Long Layered Chops

You might have grown your hair throughout the pandemic days but this winter is about bringing a chick style to your long waves. Go for a layered look. Long chopped layers will enhance your present length and will well define any tangled ends that your hair has sustained over time and this cut would add movement to your hair.

Add Length

The last year trended with short bobs mainly however this winter you should think of adding some length and volume to your head. If you already had short hair, then you can look for adding extensions to your hair. Cliphair can help you to learn more about different hair extensions. Either try on lengthening extensions or some coloured ones. Give a boost to your hair by using extensions and adding length.

Go Curly

Curls and winter always complement each other. Give your attire a warm look by unlocking your curls. The hot summer never lets you express those curly knots, but winters give you a chance to enjoy your curls. This winter, bring the trend to open up with your curly affair.

70’s Styling

The old styles are again in fashion. For this winter you can enjoy your hair in an old-style way. Go for puffy loose waves with retro volume, use a round brush to blow-dry your hair, and use hot rollers for extra volume. Side part your hair and tuck one side at the back of your ear and viola… your hip 70’s styled hairdo is done to make you stand out this winter.

Messed Bun

Buns are never out of fashion. Be it summer or winter, a shaggy soft simple bun can always help you out with your final look. Make sure to use some puffy hair rubber to give some volume to your dun and stick some hair strands out for a cute look.

Colour Up

The warm reflections from the sun always enhance the hair colour. This winter colour your hair in a warm tone. Mocha, coffee, caramel, shades of brown and reds are to go out for this winter. Avoid opting for full hair dye as the same overall colour doesn’t add up much to enjoy. Highlights and lowlights, or lower-end dips are the mediums that you may consider adding some shades and hues to your hair.


For winter opting for braids is also a classy way to manage your hair. Especially if you are not one who likes to leave open your hair then instead of a simple ponytail, go for a braided hairdo. 

Krysta Jakson

Krysta is an experienced blogger, writing blogs on lifestyle, fashion, beauty and travel. She wonderfully describes the latest trends on these topics, making the articles interesting for all the readers.