7 Jobs that Pay You to Travel the World

Many people say they love travelling but struggle in finding a sustainable way to do it. Due to those demanding 9-5 job commitments, they may only get the chance to travel on a foreign holiday once or twice a year; then it’s likely time sensitive, dictated by factors like annual leave or affordability. You need money to do all you might want to do, after all. But what if there were ways to travel while earning at the same time?

Well, there are, and some are more unique than you might think. Here are 7 jobs that will pay you to travel the world:

1. Work on a Cruise Ship

Cruises are genuinely regarded as a time of rest and recuperation; therefore they may not come immediately to mind as a place you’d like to work. However, a cruise is also a vessel to every continent of the world (even Antarctica is becoming an increasingly popular choice among travellers!). Furthermore, the options for work are vast. Whether your strengths are in retail, cooking, hosting, dancing, as a waiter or bartender, there is a range of opportunities on board a cruise ship, not least of which is the chance to travel the world’s oceans.

2. Become a Tour Guide

If you’re passionate about working on the ground and enjoy learning about other cultures, a tour guide position may be perfect for you. Of course, wherever you choose, a minimum requirement for this would be that you could actually see yourself living there for a decent period of time. For that reason it’s recommended that you only consider tour guiding after already living in a certain place for a little while; not only will this help you decide whether you like it but you’ll pick up key facts and knowledge about the location along the way. Being a quick learner and good at public speaking are also great attributes for a successful tour guide to have.

3. Bartending

If you’re preparing for tour guiding or another long term travel goal but need something to help you get by in the meantime, serving drinks in a bar is as good an option as any. You get to share stories with the locals and may even pick up some of their quirky mannerisms along the way. This is the kind of job you can find almost anywhere, even in smaller towns, and one that you don’t need any qualifications for. Obviously, you’ll need to be good with people, though if you’re passionate about travelling you probably love meeting new people anyway.

4. Truck Driving

Not everyone is a ‘people person’ of course; you may be more of an introvert, cut out for a job that involves long periods working alone. In that case driving a truck cross country might be ideal. This is another in-demand role that you’ll be able to pick up anywhere providing you have the correct driving license requirements and even insurance such as hgv fleet insurance. Trucking jobs to some may seem dull but they are a seriously great way to enjoy the environment of any country; it’s only through driving long-distance that you truly appreciate the scale of the land you’re travelling.

5. Charity Work

If you care about people and countries that are less well off, there are numerous charities that will offer you the opportunity to travel in exchange for hands-on work on the ground. Obviously, this is a somewhat less glamorous option that probably won’t pay as well as you might like, but the important thing is that you’d be doing something you care about, seeing the world and helping others along the way. Many people find that charity work gives them experiences they’ll remember for a lifetime.

6. Teach English as a Foreign Language

Another way you can feel like you’re doing something to help others is becoming a TEFL teacher. This is a highly in-demand role due to English being such a popular global language. It’s not a difficult role to get into either. You don’t necessarily need to know the local language in most cases, though picking up a few words alongside a little cultural knowledge is nonetheless always helpful. You will need a TEFL certification, but there are plenty of TEFL training programs you can take without too much trouble. Plus, there are few jobs more rewarding in general than teaching.

7. Travel Blogging

Quite literally one of the jobs you can do traveling is travel blogging. To start making proper money from this you’ll need a decent amount of followers and social media knowledge to promote your material, as well as some writing skill, an eye for photography if you want to have more of a photo-based blog, or video production skills if you’d prefer video blogging. Even if this doesn’t turn out to be financially viable long-term, it could still be a great hobby that helps document your travel experiences to look back on later.

These are just some ideas for jobs that will pay you to travel the world, but there are endless possibilities out there for those wanting to craft their own experiences. Use these as your catalyst to discover your own unique path across the world.

Riya Sander

Riya is an inspired writer, passionate about traveling, lifestyle and encouraging startups. As a freelancer she understands the importance of productivity at work. She never stopped finding new ways to create her work productivity. Follow her on Twitter @sanderriya