The Most Demanded Remote Jobs That Are Not Requiring Special Skills

Maybe you saw no point in education. You had great interest in travel or another kind of hobby and you weren’t into school, really.

Maybe you wanted to study, but you got discouraged by the price of such an experience. If you pay £9K for tuition per year, £9K for accommodation and living needs, and you face several lower costs along the way, you’d come down to an unreasonably high amount of money being spent for each year of your studies at university. It’s crazy and you decided you didn’t want to be part of that scheme.

Maybe you just weren’t interested in studying. That’s okay, too.

Whatever your struggle with the studies was, you don’t need to look back. The question is: what can you do now? Does the lack of higher education and special skills condemn you to being jobless for life? No. Absolutely not!

You can still have a job. Better yet; you can have a remote job that gives you the flexibility and freedom to explore the world and live your life while making money along the way.

You must be interested: what remote job could you do? We’ll give you a list of the most demanded remote jobs that don’t require any special skills. Yes; they require some level of qualification, but the good news is that you can start working towards it from zero.

In-Demand Remote Jobs that Don’t Require Special Skills

1. Search Engine Evaluator

This is a pretty interesting job to have, since it gives you the opportunity to explore different topics. You’ll be evaluating the search engine results on a particular topic and provide feedback on their accuracy and relevance. In addition, you’ll be observing any spamming activities on the websites that appear in the results.

This position doesn’t impose the need for any special skills. Sure; you’ll need good communication etiquette and basic writing skills, since you’ll be sharing the results of your observations with the employer. You also need to know how Internet search engines work and what the users want to see in the results. But you don’t need great experience and you can start this job from scratch.

At Google, search engine evaluators are called ads quality raters, so that’s the kind of position to look for if you want to work for Google. Who doesn’t?

2. Writer/Blogger

Don’t worry; you don’t need to get higher education to learn how to write. It’s a skill that you have or you don’t have. If you’re good at expressing yourself in the written word, you can turn that capacity into a full-time job.

First of all, you can explore opportunities at writing services like These usually do require a degree, but the team might be happy to have you if you showcase great article writing skills.

As for your own blog, you don’t need anyone’s permission to start it. No one will ask for a degree. Just pick your niche and stay passionate about it. Only a small percentage of all bloggers actually make a living out of their sites, but who knows? Maybe you’ll be one of them.

Keep in mind that your own blog will require tons of work and commitment before it starts returning the investment. You may take it as a hobby until it becomes serious and you can stop working something else to dedicate your entire time to it.

3. App Testing

If you spend a lot of time on your smartphone or tablet, this will be an interesting job option for you. You don’t necessarily need advanced knowledge about the way apps are being designed. Leave that to react native developers. Your job, in this case, will be to test the app’s usability.

Developers choose app testers according to the needed demographic profile. If you fall within the needed age group with the required educational level and you meet all other criteria, you’ll be provided with the app along with tasks to perform and questions to answer. You’ll be providing your feedback online.

Such a review usually takes around 20 minutes and is paid less than £10. Needless to say, you’ll be completing several of them in a day if you want to make a living out of this kind of job. And if you’re wondering where you can find such job opportunities, Amazon Mechanical Turk is a good place to start. You can also consider using an Amazon review generator to build trust with customers.

4. Virtual Assistant

Are you an organized and dependable person? Do you think you could work as someone’s assistant? This type of job would involve organizing files, answering phone calls, and scheduling meetings. But the virtual part is interesting: you’ll be doing all those things without the need to show up at an office and follow a manager around all the time.

Where do you get such a job? Try traditional job listings; just search for virtual assistant jobs.

5. Data Entry

The world is going crazy over data. All marketing campaigns, regardless of their category, are practically dependent on data. Data is coming from all over the place, so the need for someone to organize it is clear. Companies hire independent contractors to categorize that data in a readable format.

As a data entry operator, you won’t be doing much more than basic transcription. It’s an easy thing to learn. But keep in mind that you’ll be spending a lot of time in front of the screen. You have to stay committed if you want this job to provide you with reasonable income. If you’re good at it, you may progress towards higher positions: data entry administrator or chief data officer.

Did these opportunities inspire you? The great thing about living in the Internet era is that everyone has a chance to earn money. You just need to look for an option that works for you.  

Terence Murray

Terence Murray has been working as a professional editor in London publishing agency for 4 years. Now he is journalist-freelancer and wide ranged professional content developer.