How to Avoid Embarrassing Yourself at Festive Parties

We’ve all done it: shown up to a Christmas party looking put‑together and glamorous, only to leave in a cab with smeared make‑up, an unsettled stomach, and a head full of regrets. Surely there’s another way?

The International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring is the leading accreditation authority for professional coaches, and their team know everything there is to know about keeping yourself disciplined and professional (thank God, right?). Here, their Sales and Marketing Director, Dawn Ann Campbell, offers YCB readers her top tips for preserving your dignity while still embracing the Christmas spirit.

1. Know your limits

Know your limits, calculated against your body weight, and stick to them! There’s no better way to keep from saying or doing something truly shameful… Be cautious that your body will react differently to each alcohol type as well.

2. Don’t mix your drinks, except with water

Champagne, wine, vodka and whisky are all great in isolation, but combining them is a road to ruin. Seriously. Stick to one type and alternate alcoholic drinks to water. You’ll stay sober longer, and the next morning won’t be quite so awful…

3. Don’t drink to impress

Friends don’t make friends drink to excess. They just don’t. And they definitely don’t drag them into drinking competitions unless you’re a teenager, that is. Stay away from people who push you into that kind of stuff. The results never fail to be dreadful. And don’t let others keep topping you up without your permission.

4. Don’t drink on an empty stomach

This one goes without saying. Drink in proportion to what you’re eating and if you’re steering clear of the unhealthy stuff that’s put in front of you, lay off the booze as well. You’ll be thankful.

5. Don’t drink and drive

The moment you have a drink, you can immediately give up on the idea of driving that night, as well as the next morning. Be sure to make a plan beforehand to carpool with a designated driver or take the public transport option if you’re not leaving too late. And if you see someone who’s had a few picking up their keys, never be embarrassed to intervene. You’ll literally be saving lives.

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