6 Work from Home Jobs to Consider

The reality of working from home is a dream come true for most people. Imagine the opportunity of working in pajamas or using a lunch break to run errands or spend at the gym before logging back in to resume work.

The next time you conduct a job search and notice remote work opportunities, here are the top work opportunities to consider.


Telecommute work opportunities are available on a variety of job search engines and freelance websites. I recommend using keywords that includes remote, work from home, telecommute, virtual to find these job opportunities. Here is a list of websites for you to consider:

I recommend adding a profile or upload an up to date resume on these websites. It will increase the chance of companies finding you to apply for work.

Virtual Assistant

Do you work in administration? An administrator with the skillset of a receptionist can find an abundance of work online. Reputable companies are in search of people that can complete the following tasks from home:

Scheduling meetings for employees

Recording virtual meeting minutes

Answering phone calls

Answer inquiries via email

A professional can be successful in this role by working in a quiet area to stay focused while working.

Communications or Marketing Writer

The remote writing life is an option for people with communications and marketing writing experience. In addition to companies in the United Kingdom, there are international companies in need of expert writers that can take the lead at home to develop high-quality content.

Business Development Executive

A business development associate works similar to an entrepreneur. The day starts with emails and phone calls to follow up with prospective clients. These professionals use reporting and previous sales results to figure out how to approach a company to present sales or products.

Language Interpreter

The rise of diverse cultures in the United Kingdom is evident. Many immigrants need help understanding the English language. There are educational institutions and career support organizations that need interpreters to work from home to assist with the following:

  • Homework: Essays, academic papers,
  • Career: Resume, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles

I recommend asking the employer if the role is an independent contractor, freelancer or a full-time employment opportunity.

Sales Representative

A sales representative role is competitive. It is essential to add specific details of your success on a resume. A list of quantitative achievements to include is listed below:

  • Number of closed accounts per month
  • Total revenue volume of closed accounts
  • Number of phone calls to prospects per week

You can use creativity to help a resume to shine among the competition of sales representatives applying for the same job.

Human Resources Consultant

Do you work in HR? As an expert in human resources, you can use your consultant skills to attract candidates to apply for job opportunities. A list of ways to be successful in finding top talent is below:

  • Social media experience
  • An understanding of SEO keywords in job postings
  • Balance multiple interviews
  • The success rate in finding top talent

As a reminder, if you decide to be a contractor taxes must be deducted from your own. You can work from home with one company or balance multiple companies to achieve a full-time income.


It is important to be disciplined while working from home because television, a friendly neighbour that visits or children can be a distraction. I recommend sharing your schedule with family or roommates to avoid losing track of completing work.

There is an abundance of remote work available in the United Kingdom and internationally. The industry will continue to grow in the next ten years.

Makeda Waterman

Makeda Waterman is an online journalist with writing features on CNBC Make It., Yahoo Finance News and the Huffington Post. She also runs an online writing business with 3.5 years of experience.

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