12 Essential Online Editing Tools to Polish Your Resume

essential editing tools to polish your resume

First impressions are vital so why would you compromise on the quality of your resume? Though you might be the best fit for your dream job, you may not necessarily have the skills required to communicate this to your prospective employer. And then, there’s the competition! But don’t fret, there’s a number of easily accessible online tools available on the market to help you polish your resume and nail that first impression.

CV Maker

CV Maker

Let’s start with CV Maker, an online service that helps to create beautiful, professional resumes in minutes. This free service allows you to select the template that best suits your field of study/work and enables you to export the document in a range of formats (.pdf, .html and .txt). Not only can you choose from a selection of languages, you can also upgrade to a premium service which offers many more quality themes, advanced sections and rich text editing, to name but a few features.

Online CV Generator

Online CV Generator is another brilliant tool that can be used by those seeking help structuring their resume. The site offers a visual progress bar with sections for each respective part of the resume. The introduction highlights how important it is to write a relevant resume rather than just an emailed biography. With easy instructions, an outcome that is available in .pdf and a process that takes just five minutes, there’s no easier way to build a CV! And if you’re worried about plagiarism – don’t be!, just click this link to access the check my essay for plagiarism tool.

Hemingway App

With the above resume builders to get you started, Hemingway App can help to give your resume that extra push in the right direction. The objective of this awesome app is to make your writing bold and clear and thus make you stand out from the rest of the pile. It clearly marks up your text, indicating where phrases are too long or too complicated. Hemingwayapp.com is like your personal grammar teacher!

Ginger Software

As with sentence structure, some people struggle with spelling and punctuation. It is amazing how fundamental punctuation is in writing, though many people don’t understand how to use it correctly to emphasise their points. Ginger Software is an online proofreading service that helps you to “express yourself in better ways”.


Meanwhile, UKwritings is a UK based online writing company which provides a range of writing services to pupils at all levels of study; from college to post-graduation. The company offers talented writers and Quality Assurance Specialists to ensure that every piece of text provided is of the highest quality. So whether it is a resume or some supporting documentation that you need help with, they are definitely in a position to assist.


Readability Score

As with some of the above tools, Readability Score is an online service that has been developed to improve the readability of your content. As already mentioned, if your writing does not flow nicely then this could act as a great disadvantage to you and cost you vital opportunities. The complex piece of software uses algorithms to check the class of your writing and assigns it a score according to the level of education that the reader would need to understand it.

LiveCareer Editing Tool & Boomessays

LiveCareer Editing Tool is yet another proofreading service but its appeal is the catalogue of resume samples that it offers. With this site, you can view and use existing templates and find useful features like relevant keywords for CVs. Similarly, Boomessays offers excellent resume help for those who aren’t confident that they are showing themselves in the best light. The online writing service provides expert and professional help and could be the difference between whether you get an interview for your dream job or not!


ResumeGenius is another online resume maker which boasts affiliation with 50+ University Career Centres. Taking a total of 15 minutes, this tool is fast, professional and easy to use. Likewise, Resume.com is specifically designed to help build resumes and has published more than 1,000,000 resumes to date. With a section dedicated to employers and job posts, it is clearly one of the best places to build your all-important CV.  Not only is it free to use, it’s also very simple to sign up and your document can be accessed from anywhere using the Internet.


Resunate is web-based software that aims to deliver smarter applications on your behalf.  The tool helps to create a resume, evaluate it and then improve on it to make you the best applicant for the job from the offset. Just think, if you get this first step right, you could be set to secure the job you deserve. So far, this tool has completed more than 8,000,000 resumes for clients across the world and promises to double your chances of having your CV read by your prospective employer.

How to Write a Resume & Creddle 

How To Write a Resume is marketed as the #1 resume builder, and offers assistance with resumes and cover letters. It has everything you need to find a job all in one place – it even has listings on its site to help you get your job application process on its way!

Last but not least is Creddle, an online tool that offers to craft your resume into a better all-round document. This brilliant site promotes creativity in order to stand out from the crowd and has a range of professional samples to help you focus on the task at hand. The final piece can then be shared online, embedded into a website, downloaded in .pdf format or printed out.

It is said that more than half of the resumes that are sent to employers aren’t even looked at, so it is vital to make sure that yours is impeccable and urges the employer to read on. Resumes are the first and often only impression that candidates can make before interviewees are selected, so a well-written and professional document can say a lot about who you are and your work ethics. Don’t fall at the first hurdle, make sure that your resume as polished as it can possibly be.

online editing tools to polish your resume

By: Gloria Kopp

Gloria Kopp is a web content writer and an elearning consultant from Manville city. She graduated from University of Wyoming and started a career of creative writer. She works as an editor and a paper writer at Melbourne Australian academic writing service. Besides, she is a regular contributor to such websites as Studydemic, HuffingtonPost, Engadget, etc.