Five Hair and Beauty Rules We Learnt From Bridget Jones

Five hair and beauty rules we learnt from Bridget Jones

Our favourite female movie character will be returning to the big screen this month and to celebrate her arrival, we’ve looked at the best hair and beauty rules we ever learnt from Bridget Jones.

From realising that ironing our hair is never a good idea to embracing the windswept look after a romantic jaunt, the character has provided us with both humorous but important wisdom over the years.

Bridget Jones’s Baby will be showing in cinemas across the UK from September 16th, with Renee Zellweger playing leading lady Bridget once more alongside romantic interest Mr Darcy (Colin Firth) and newcomer Jack (Patrick Dempsey).

Bridget Jones's Baby

Here at YCB, we couldn’t be more excited to see what Bridget’s been up to since the previous two instalments – which not only taught us the best lessons in love and life, but gave us a clue or two on what to do, and what not to do, with our hair and make-up.

Also among the rules is keeping an eye out on hidden puddles when you’re dressed to impress and never doing your make-up in the back of a taxi before a night out.

Joanne Dodds from said: “Bridget Jones fans across the country are gearing up for her return and can’t wait to see what funny antics she’ll get up to this time.

“The first two films were not only hilarious, but taught us some important rules to follow when doing our hair and make-up – especially when on a quest for love.

“We’ve put together the best tips that we ever learnt from Bridget Jones – we’re excited to add to the list again with the release of the new film!”

Five hair and beauty rules from Bridget Jones

Here are the five rules of hair and beauty we learnt from Bridget Jones:

1. Ironing your hair is NEVER a good idea!

Straighteners packed in and having a massive curly nightmare? Whatever you do, do NOT resort to the iron. Who could forget the scene with Bridget awkwardly bent over the ironing board in an attempt to calm the frizz – only to be informed by her best friend that women should never iron their hair. Cue the panic.

2. Embrace the windswept look:

Possibly one of the most iconic Bridget Jones moments is of course our favourite lady looking effortless stylish cruising along in Daniel Cleaver’s soft-top – before losing her headscarf in a gust of wind. But did our Bridge worry? Of course not – take a page out of her book and embrace the wind-blown look when caught in the elements.

3. Leave waxing to the salon.

There are some things that should be left to the experts and waxing is definitely one of them – as proven by Bridget’s toe-curling screams standing in the bath in an attempt to get smooth.

4. Never do your make-up in the back of a taxi: 

We realise that time is of the essence but surely it’s not too hard to leave a spare 10 or 15 minutes for a bit of lippy application? If there’s one thing that Bridget proved in these stakes, it’s to never leave your make-up to the back of a taxi (although we did secretly like/laugh at her blusher overload).

5. Avoid puddles!

Oh the devastation at when Bridget was ready to run in and conquer the world (or Mark Darcy) in a perfect floral dress – only to be completely soaked by a huge puddle. Take note – avoid puddles at all costs when dressed to declare your undying love.

Trailer gold – bring on Bridget Jones’s Baby!  

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