Almost Half of Us Would Consider Returning to University to Pursue a Dream Career

Almost half of us would consider returning to university to pursue a dream career

Almost half of us would consider returning to university to pursue a dream career

Growing up, we all had that dream job we wanted to have when we graduated university-whether it be a veterinarian, an astronaut, or something extravagant. But sometimes, life gets in the way and our dream job, or at least the one we thought we always wanted, falls by the wayside unfortunately. And we’re left wanting to go back to back to school at some point to get that degree for our dream job or at least the skills we didn’t leave college with before.

Turns out, about 41% of us secretly (or not so much) would like to go back to school for more education. But possibly the more surprising part of that statistic is that a good portion of those surveyed would like to go for something regarding STEM subjects, or anything related to the Science, Technology, Engineering, or Maths fields. Maybe it’s because they’re great fields to break into but often require a specialised degree or a ton of experience that further education can sometimes surpass. It’s a great field to be a part of as they’re currently experiencing a talent shortage, or a lack of qualified candidates looking for jobs in a related field.

Honestly, it’s a great trend that more and more people are looking to further, or at least continue, their education in terms of reaching their dreams. Additionally, it can be a great vessel to also better ourselves in the process and can provide us with a great way to achieve manageable goals. And who doesn’t want to be a better version of themselves?

But how are people affording to go back to college? Isn’t it expensive? And aren’t most of us working full time with lives to lead as well? There’s always the option of going to school online or part-time on campus to save time as well as respect your current schedule. There are more and more options available to those looking to further their education that many aren’t aware of but definitely should be.

I’ve always been a firm believer in higher education and bettering yourself in order to chase dreams and achieve goals but also I realise that as we get older, it’s harder and harder to realise those dreams we had as kids. Because we’re caught up in life, our work schedules, and whether or not we can actually afford it. But the more information available about how to actually make it realistic is dauntingly fantastic.

It’s applicable to basically anyone who’s had thoughts of getting a different degree or at least a more suitable one for their career goals. Or at least the necessary information in order to break into the one of their choice.

Applying to college or another form of higher education can be extremely daunting. But it can often lead to such great things and potentially a whole new life.

Dana Zillgitt

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