Business 101: How to Create an Instant Connection with Your Clients

Business 101: How to create an instant connection with your clients

How to create an instant connection with your clients

Finding the best ways to immediately connect with your customers and clients is extremely important if you depend on the success of your company. Customers will not purchase your product or service if they do not feel as though they have some kind of connection with the brand. Clients are the same. If you want to create lasting relationships with potential clients, then you should make them feel as though there is a bond between them and your business – the quicker that you make this connection, the better.

Seize their Attention

First impressions are very important and they come in the form of many different outlets. Your business’ first impression could be in the form of a co-worker attending a meeting with a client or it could even start off with something simpler, such as a relevant poster, 3 by 6 banner, brochure or flyer that advertises your business.

Choosing advertising methods such as these will visually stimulate your clients to get them excited about your business. These flyers from Helloprint ensures that your brand reaches a wider audience, which is why it is important that your flyers, leaflets and other sources of advertising are visually pleasing to the eye and appropriate for your brand. We are visually perceptive beings so think about aspects that will grab a client’s attention and try to incorporate this into your own advertising.

Sell Solutions

Selling solutions is the main aim of all businesses, which is why it is vital that you showcase this to your clients. Clients are not seeking features; they seek solutions to their problems. According to an article that was published on Massage Today, “It’s essential to describe your business in terms of benefits, not features,” and to show that you are not trying to sell people something that they do not need, you are trying to solve their problem with your services.


It may seem obvious, but clients appreciate when you take the time to listen to their queries, thoughts and problems. Give them a voice and let them know that you are interested in what they are saying and more than that – that you are there to solve their problems. Show respect to your clients and make them realise that their opinions and thoughts are being taken very seriously.

Social Media

One of the quickest ways to make an instant connection with clients is to reach out to them via social media. Sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are excellent marketing platforms and you can reach your clients and engage with followers anytime and anywhere. If you don’t already have social media accounts set up for your business, get it – seriously! Make sure to update regularly and answer any questions that your customers may have.

Express Confidence

If you are not confident in your own business then how can you expect a client to be? People will notice if you are being nervous, unsure or anxious about something and this is likely to put them off your company. suggests that you, “package yourself for success”. This simply means that you dress well, carry yourself with confidence and express your faith in the business through your presentation and communication with potential clients.

Charlotte Giver

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