Clocked App Launches to Offer Londoners a Better Dating Experience

Clocked app launches to offer Londoners a better dating experience

Clocked app launches to offer Londoners a better dating experience

As a young professional, sometimes it feels as though there is never enough time in the week to go out and meet new people – especially potential romantic partners. While it’s faster to meet people with apps like Tinder, it doesn’t make it necessarily easier. You have to weed through a lot of incompatible partners before finding a great catch – no matter what app or dating site you use.

Thankfully for Londoners, there is a new app called Clocked that wants to make the dating experience better and easier. Instead of hook-ups, Clocked is committed to helping users create long-term relationships with their matches. Plus, a team of psychologists creates a series of questions based on a user’s priorities and personalities and cross-references your Facebook profile with iTunes data. This ensures that each user is a real person, so no need to exhaust yourself sifting through fake profiles every day.

The founder, Ben Lambert, didn’t want the app to focus on the superficial aspects of dating but rather encourage real relationships to bloom based on compatibility.

“Current users of standard dating sites are sick of wasting time, being flooded by fake profiles, trawling through people they have nothing in common with and not having time to find where the best date spots are in London. We want to change that. This is the perfect space for young professionals seeking just that.”

Once you sign up and answer questions that will enable the service to identify your character, you’ll begin receiving six compatible suggestions a day with one “clock”, where you’ll have the ability to strike up a conversation with any of your matches.

“For each profile you will be able to see where you share similarities, making initial conversations easier to start and ultimately more successful. Then, if you choose to go out on a date, Clocked will send you date ideas for evenings and weekends.”

As you continue your relationship, Clocked continues to suggest date nights! It’s not your average ‘hook-up’ app, so get ready to find others also looking for meaningful relationships. Its date suggestions based on you and your match will encourage you to try new things or experience hobbies you both already enjoy together. Say goodbye to casual meet-ups for drinks with blind dates and say hello to making new connections that might actually spark something wonderful.

Oftentimes it can feel like we’ll never meet anyone worth our time – especially when it feels like we don’t have nay to spare. The world of dating gets tough, but that doesn’t mean young professionals should stop trying. Clocked is ready to make the dating easier than ever for you. The team takes the time and energy to help you meet people that you will want to exert your own time and energy on.

The service will cost £7.99 per month for access. However, for a limited time only for the first Londoners, Clocked wants to offer free lifetime subscription using the promo code ‘londonvip’. Don’t miss out on this awesome matchmaking app opportunity!

Rachel Shippee

Rachel is in her final year at Elon University in North Carolina studying International Studies, Creative Writing, and Spanish. Her passion lies in combining these interests through advocacy for women's rights at a global level. She has previously written for College Lifestyles and Her Campus Media. Follow her on Twitter @rachelshippee.

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