Life As A Magazine Editor: We Chatted With Georgie Coleridge Cole Of SheerLuxe

Life as a Magazine Editor: We chatted with Georgie Coleridge Cole of SheerLuxe

Georgie Coleridge Cole of SheerLuxe

Ever wondered what it would be like to work as a magazine editor? How might the job responsibilities differ when your magazine is solely published online? There are so many creative people in the industry, but it takes a strong command of a cohort and a knack for organization to be a successful editor. We sat down with Georgie Coleridge Cole, magazine editor of SheerLuxe, to gain some insight into what it’s really like to work in editorial. is an online magazine that covers everything from fashion and health to travel and careers. What sets this lifestyle magazine apart is Luxe Ltd, SheerLuxe’s boutique that allows readers to search through an array of great retailers in one place. Additionally, it has an “flash/pop-up sales microsite” showcasing brands offering amazing products and services with deep discounts for a limited time (often 24 hours each).

As editor, Georgie Coleridge Cole spends her days jumping from task to task and with fashion week just around the corner, things are pretty manic!

Right now pretty frantic!” Georgie says when asked how a typical workday looks like. “It involves analysing the previous day’s KPIs, finalising the next day’s email and content, editing The Brief (our new daily newsletter that rounds up the current affairs you need to know about), working on our annual B2B Conference, catching up with the Commercial Director, Brand Manager, Deputy Editor…” With the element of their online boutique, she also spends time looking for fabulous new products to highlight for her readers or brands that she know they’ll crave.

In holding an editorial position, Georgie believes that it takes many of the skills other jobs require such as working hard, staying proactive, taking initiative, creating new ideas and going that extra mile! For her job, some days are more hectic than others so it’s important to smile through it and be able to work diligently and effectively.

Georgie is not only the magazine editor for, but she is also the founder. So what sparked the idea?

I was always someone people would go to for advice on things like where to find the best white T on the high street, and friends would often say ‘oh I love that top, it looks expensive?’ and I’d say, ‘H&M’.” Georgie tells YCB. “I wanted to write a book on the ‘best places to shop for x, y and z’ but online was just taking off and it went from there.”

The majority of the magazine’s content is produced in-house, instead of utilizing freelance writers, which means tighter communication and collaboration with the SheerLuxe team to stay on the same page. Georgie also writes her own articles for the readers, though it can become increasingly difficult with her busy schedule.

“It is increasingly difficult and I have been doing it less and less, although due to feedback and the response rates we get from it this year I am trying to do a bit more. Having said that, I edit everything that goes out on SheerLuxe so it’s kind of the same thing.”

Georgie is most inspired when she finds a new brand or product that she believes her readers will love, and feeling rewarded when they do! “At the end of the day, SheerLuxe’s mission is to edit the well known and find the unknown. Whether that’s a great article on careers, our edit of the best new ins at Zara or a not-to-be-missed pop up.” Yet, the hardest aspect of her job is saying no to products she’s not keen on – especially when it’s a friend of a friend hoping for online coverage. It’s all about balancing the rewards with the challenges and Georgie is able to accomplish that in her role as editor.

Right now, SheerLuxe is running a competition to ! It’s the perfect size to put all your must-haves items for any occasion. As Georgie notes, “the Neverfull gets better with age and works on the tube or on the beach”. SheerLuxe has juicy giveaways fairly often, so periodically check in for those too!

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