See What’s Inside Our Beauty Travel Bag…

See what’s inside our beauty travel bag…

What's inside our beauty travel bag - White & Elm

No one enjoys waltzing off the airplane looking and feeling like a hot mess, but unfortunately it happens. Whether it’s 50 miles on a train or a 5-hour plane ride, long business trips are likely to cause oily skin and breakouts, reversing your otherwise fresh and vibrant face.

So how do we fix our beauty problems when travelling for work and help keeping our skin hydrated and looking radiant? Here at YCB, we don’t want your face to suffer (ever) so we turned to Sherelle Reed, founder of White & Elm, for some skincare advice.

Sherelle Reed, founder of White & Elm

With your skin being highly sensitive to the world around it, your complexion can change at any moment. Which is why White & Elm put a lot of focus on how their products are made, from collaborating with fair-trade organic suppliers to concocting skincare products with simple formulas. No one has time to invest in products full of toxic ingredients just to receive unexpected side effects.

Many White & Elm products are completed in powder form, instead of liquid and take up far less space in your carry-on and will breeze through security – no Ziploc bag necessary!

Here are a few products that you will definitely find in our beauty travel bag this winter:

Spirulina Green SuperFood Mask

While traveling, hydration is key. “Nourish your body with plenty of water and nutritious water dense fruits and vegetables.” Sherelle tells us. Products with too many ingredients are known to strip the skin of moisture; you have to continuously keep reapplying!

Basically, less is more. White & Elm’s organic, nourishing ingredients both soften and brighten skin over time, combatting the winter season outbreak of dry skin. Use this Superfood Mask to help rejuvenate your skin and bring your glow back.

Strawberry & White Willow Bark Brightening Mask

Strawberry & White Willow Bark Brightening Mask

Travel makes us tired, especially when it comes to those long red-eye flights. It’s easy to look exhausted – your face becoming a trademark for dull skin. What’s the best way to make your face look more fresh and alive after a sleepless night? “The Strawberry & White Willow Bark Brightening Mask will do the trick. It exfoliates while also softening and moisturizing your skin, making it feel like new!”

Sunflower Deep Pore Cleansing Oil

Sunflower deep pore cleansing oil

Do you have the oily skin blues? As crazy as it sounds, the most effective way to treat oily skin is oil! This cleansing oil will balance out your oily skin and maintain crucial moisture. “Over time, your skin will get softer and softer.” Says Sherelle. “This product is perfect for removing dirt and grime, as well as removing make up.” It won’t dry out your skin, and the sunflower oil is sure to help prevent future breakouts.

Tea Tree & Lavender Acne Spot Serum 

Tea Tree & Lavender Acne Spot Serum

Not all of us are blessed with perfect, clear skin. We all struggle with those stressful times where we breakout and there’s no way to prevent it. This acne spot serum is packaged in a convenient roll on bottle that makes it easy to use and travel with daily.

Sherelle notes that their seed and nuts oil is one of the best ingredients they use to remedy dry skin or breakouts. Traditional creams evaporate off the skin, while this oil absorbs deeply, all while “moisturizing the skin more intensely. The oils…are also non-comedogenic, meaning they will not clog or congest your pores”.

White & Elm’s best sellers this year include their Oat & Calendula Exfoliating MicroGrains and their Pomegranate Nourishing Eye Serum. This winter, focus on moisturizing, nourishing, and healing your skin. The more natural, holistic approach you use – the healthier your skin will feel. Whether you’re an aspiring adventurer, or consistent business traveler, your skin will thank you in the long run.

Rachel Shippee

Rachel is in her final year at Elon University in North Carolina studying International Studies, Creative Writing, and Spanish. Her passion lies in combining these interests through advocacy for women's rights at a global level. She has previously written for College Lifestyles and Her Campus Media. Follow her on Twitter @rachelshippee.