What Are You Attracting Into Your Business?

What are you attracting into your business?

Meghan Broussard, ProfessionGal

There’s a saying that says, “Like attracts like.” While this may be true in relationships day to day, it is also true for businesses. The Dale Carnegie’s of the world will tell you that businesses are 100% based on relationships. There are a few other factors that may be involved, but the truth is that people are just people and they want to be treated as such.

Many businesses focus on more shallow aspects, such as profiting, products, etc. While these are all important, they don’t supersede your businesses quality of service, your internal relations and the values that your business possesses. Is your business attracting like things? Let’s analyze a few areas, take a step back, and focus on what the inside is bringing to the outside.

1. Relationships

Relationships are absolutely the most important thing your business can put tray and invest it’s time in. By annoying relationships, you disregard the human element of business. The time you put into relationships is a direct reflection of you. The importance you put on your vendors, partners and others involved shows the true respect you have for the business or company.

People want to feel appreciated and valued, and desire doesn’t go away in the business setting. Putting care and appreciation towards your relationships in the business setting not only maintains loyalty internally and externally, but also makes for more motivation and group morale.

2. Values

How far does your company’s values extend to its employees and to those you do business with? Does your company have a staunch maternity leave policy or one that is more accepted? This is just one example of what effect your company values can have. Is work-life balance adequately expressed? What about honesty and integrity? If your company does not still be his values among the employees, then the ones you do business with are going to see that. Furthermore, you may attract business that has no values instilled either.

3. Quality

A company that puts a focus on quality of work will also receive quality of business.

Think about a hiring manager that wants high quality skills but doesn’t want to pay for higher level work. What type of quality employee might that attract? Perhaps one that doesn’t know her own worth. And what kind of business is that going to bring in? If your business that’s up to work on something exciting and something that’s truly moving, then you’re going to find people who want to work on the same project as you and move forward on those ideas. Whichever way, it’ll either be a win-win or a lose-lose. You can’t cheat quality.

4. Innovation

A company should always be looking to take the next step forward. But if your company is always looking in the past, not embracing new technology and constantly comparing themselves to others, then those you do business with will do the same. If you show any signs of hesitation, then others will hesitate in regards to you and may wander elsewhere. Being confident, though it may involve risk, will keep the businesses that want to move forward with you. It involves a higher level of trust to avoid falling back on old ways.

A last word.

Businesses, though seemingly powerful and influential, cannot escape the patterns of the universe. They can’t evade the energies that we as humans possess and emit. Think about the frequency your business may be emitting. And think about that in relation to the type of business you are attracting. The good news is that businesses, like humans, are organic and can change. You just have to adjust your level of frequency.

Photo courtesy of: Meghan Broussard, ProfessionGal 

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