The Coolest Fashion Collaboration Happening Right Now: Lena Dunham And Nasty Gal

The coolest fashion collaboration happening right now: Lena Dunham and Nasty Gal

Lena Dunham and Nasty Gal Not that kind of girl

‘Few women who aren’t pedigreed with Ivy League MBAs are speaking to girls, and it’s important that the rest of us can pow-wow, share ideas, and make amazing shit happen too.’ – Sophia Amoruso on #GIRLBOSS

‘I am a girl with a keen interest in self-actualization, sending hopeful dispatches from the frontlines of that struggle.’ – Lena Dunham on Not That Kind of Girl

Sophia Amoruso (founder of Nasty Gal and self-confessed troublemaker) and Lena Dunham (actress and realistic voice of women everywhere) have spoken about the intent of their books in very similar ways. Both advocate being your own idol as you attempt to navigate your way through the often-cruel world. Both encourage having the guts to be content with the woman you are, despite any apparent failings such as romantic mishaps, weight gain or chipped nail varnish (heaven forbid!) And both appreciate the importance of having fun with clothes. Get these two women together and you’ve got one sartorially savvy and politically powerful pair.

Lena Dunham and Nasty Gal collaboration

Before the end of October Lena Dunham will be visiting 12 cities to promote her book, Not That Kind of Girl, and throughout she’ll be wearing only Nasty Gal clothes. Sophia Amoruso is known for designing fashion forward, subversively sexy outfits, and has collaborated with Lena to create 15 different looks. The current vogue for splashing slogans on everything means their exclusively designed tote is both oh-so-stylish and a clever promotional plug: beauty and brains in bag form.

A Nasty Gal piece isn’t just something to wear because you have to. It’s not just a coat to throw on because the TV said it might get a bit cold later, or a midi skirt to just about cover the bruise that’s made an appearance on your knee. Nasty Gal clothes are a state of mind, an assertion about the kind of woman you are. Confidence and clothes exist in happy harmony.

Nasty Gal claims ‘you don’t have to wear pants to wear the pants. Playing dress up is half the fun of being a #GIRLBOSS’. Under Sophia Amoruso’s guidance, Lena has proved this to be absolutely true. The actress’ book tour outfits include a number of dresses that get the sexy / feminine / I mean serious business balance just right. The collection includes a black neoprene dress and platform Mary-Janes, as well as a fabulous camel trench coat that’s so on trend it hurts.

Lena Dunham and Nasty Gal collaboration

We’ve always applauded Lena for her fashion risk-taking, and the Nasty Gal Bart Simpson tee is probably most similar to her eclectic style, but we love that Sophia has paired it with a slinky black leather skirt and vamped the look up with a sumptuous faux-leopard coat for an uber sultry twist. The softly monochrome floral maxi is perhaps the biggest change to Lena’s wardrobe (‘Sophia sufficiently classed me up’), as its sheer material drapes beautifully over the figure Lena has become so well known for.

This is a collection that will help you get through those feeling a bit alone moments, those stepping in to a room full of men twice your age moments, and those sod it, I’m allowed to have a biscuit and still consider myself a successful woman moments. Whether you’re a fan of Sophia, Lena, or just being a really great woman, all the clothes are available to buy here.

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