What Your Lip Colour Says About You In The Workplace

What your lip colour says about you in the workplace

What your lip colour says about you in the workplace

Historians claim lip colour was first used thousands of years ago. Ancient people were fond of the cosmetic and the visual effect its various colours had. Even Cleopatra herself wore lipstick; the Egyptian Queen expanded her kingdom and ruled like a boss, all with a palette of lip shades in her royal pocket.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t quite that way. But lipstick is as archaic as the determined female figures who wore it. We’ve come a long way since then, and by many shades at that. It’s no doubt that a fabulous lip colour can say a lot about you, too.

As professional women, we take our precious lip colours everywhere we go. Lipstick can say a lot about ourselves without us having to speak very much at all. From noirs to nudes, here’s what your lip colour says about you in the work place.

The nude. 

Nude lip colours are very discreet. This shade makes its own statement, but in a very subtle way. It brings more attention to your eyes, pointing to your attentiveness and awareness. By detracting attention from the mouth, it shows pensiveness. In the workplace, it shows you’re a thinker and a listener. And when you do speak, people are engaged in what you have to say. It gets a message across with minimal distraction.

A rosy pink.

A light shade of pink lip colour is friendly and inviting. It’ hard to think of something negative when you think pink. A rosy pink lip shade is a perfect choice for meeting a new client or welcoming visitors into your work place. Like a ballerina, it is a swift reminder that you can handle anything and still wear a genuine smile. You can make a great first impression by wearing a fresh, clean shade of pink.

Peaches and corals. 

These punchy shades tend to make their debut during the spring and summer. That’s no surprise, as these shades are the fun ones. In the workplace, this can translate to you testing out the non-traditional and seeking new inspiration. It’s just different enough without being too over the top. Coral or peach shades work well in making an edgy statement and encourage creativity. Or, it could signal to your coworkers that you’re ready for a tropical vacation (and quite frankly, there’s nothing wrong with that.)

The classic red.

A deep red is simply classic. It’s an old time movie, it’s vintage and is the ultimate colour of sophistication. Red wine, red velvet, red carpet… you get it. It’s the most luxurious of colours, and there’s a certain level of presence when you wear red in the workplace. It exudes confidence and determination. It will demand attention, and it’s a great colour for showing that you are a ready, bold individual. Just make sure it doesn’t fade.

Hot neon…

… a whole different level of lip. The pop art of the office, you’re the breath of fresh air and inspiration everyone needs. If you can rock a hot pink or deep fuchsia, you’re probably the ultimate fashionista. You don’t need anyone telling you about it because you can pretty much get away with anything, and look fabulous doing it! You’re practically a walking Warhol, and your coworkers love you for it. Not to mention, you probably work somewhere really rad, and for that we’re all just a little bit jealous.

Tip: If you want to switch to a more drastic or darker colour, do so with a seasonal change. It will make the transition much easier and less scary.

Ultimately, we all need different shades of personalities and excitement within the workplace. To emulate on the outside what we think and feel on the inside is simply human nature. Don’t be afraid to be yourself or wonder what your colleagues may think of you. It’s okay to break away from the everyday and show yourself through something like a lip colour. Your coworkers will see your unique characteristics and motivations, and your lip colour is simply a reflection of that.

Sarah Arrazola

Sarah Arrazola is a communications professional in Miami, Fla. Her passions focus on Latin American issues, fine art and the digital age. In her spare time she enjoys aerial silks and traveling. As a young professional with experience in the PR industry, she's excited to share her thoughts with you on Your Coffee Break. Follow her on Twitter @sarah_arrazola