Battling The Block!

Battling the block!

Battling the writer's block

Writer’s block is a condition which can burden us all; especially those who write as a profession. Whether we are drafting out a press release, trying to start a detailed feature, or simply trying to phrase a difficult email, when we lose the ability to produce new work, our motivation to continue also seems to vanish.

For the PR professional, a big part of your day is spent writing and it’s all too easy to fall victim to the arch nemesis writers block, which sometimes seems impossible to vanquish. So what should you do to help battle and break the block?

Take a break- Although this may seem like an extremely obvious answer, staring at a blank screen and watching the minutes tick by as you edge closer to that deadline is definitely not going to help. So take a walk, get some fresh air, or simply go and make yourself a coffee. Honestly, it helps.

Clear your mind- There’s nothing worse on a Monday morning than sitting down at your desk, with your deadlines for the week looming and a list of multiple must-do’s to deal with at the same time. Pay the phone bill you were meant to pay yesterday, order grandma’s 70th birthday cake and book in for that MOT- once the personal list your mind keeps ticking over is completed, you can concentrate on putting words to paper.

A change of scenery- Whilst taking a break can be beneficial, moving to a different location entirely may be even better, and just the spark of inspiration you need to finish that press release. If the office is noisy, find a quiet corner and if your boss is really nice, head to the coffee shop over the road and set up your laptop next to your gingerbread latte.

Shake it up- If you’re anything like us, one of the hardest parts of writing is simply starting. Whether you’re writing about your client’s latest product, or a post for your personal blog, try skipping the headline or introduction and moving onto the meaty part first.

Find your golden hour- Everyone has a period of the day which they call their golden hours; you are at your most productive in terms of thinking creatively and getting things done. That’s not to say that you’ll fall in a heap for the rest of the day, but you know that if you need to be thinking innovatively, or writing something important, then this is the time to put aside to do so. Identify those times in the day when you’re at your best – that might be right after your morning caffeine consumption, or after lunchtime when your stomach has stopped talking to you – and clear those times of the day for your most important and creative work.

It’s never a great time to be hit by writer’s block, but taking that mid-afternoon walk may well be the key to your success!

How do you banish the block? Let us know in the comments below. 

By: Emma Cooke


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