During Difficult Times In Your Career, Read This…

During Difficult Times In Your Career, Read This…

Whether you’re facing unemployment, you’re stuck in a job that you hate or you simply can’t seem to shake those intern nerves, it’s easy to become discouraged about your career and the unknown future.

It’s normal to have stress and fear of the uncertainness of your career, but it’s important to acknowledge those feelings! Actively dealing with your emotions and struggles will help you get back on the job market as the perfect candidate for your dream job!

Turn your negative thoughts into motivation

Use your struggles to motivate you to continuously strive to become a better professional in your field. Have the determination to wake up every day and take actions toward improving your career. Do whatever it takes to get yourself ahead of the competition and into the best position possible to advance your career. Stay up to date on changes in your field; update your resume, and search for jobs every single day. Turn your difficulties into motivation and determination to get yourself into a positive space.

Talk about it

Sometimes the best therapy can be to grab your best girlfriends, a glass of wine and a pint of ice cream and let your emotions flow. Talking to your friends and family about your professional struggles can lift a huge weight off your chest and provide you with the positive support you need to face the professional world again, despite your struggles. Your friends and family will give you that extra boost of confidence and reassurance that your dream job is just around the corner!

And if that isn’t enough, never be afraid to seek professional help. In order to be the best employee, you have to be the best you! Seeking help from a professional can help you shake your anxiety or frustration and get you back on track in your professional journey.

Don’t beat yourself up

While it may be easy to be extra critical of yourself during difficult times in your career, it’s in those times that it’s most important to keep your self-confidence intact! Having high self-confidence is critical in landing your dream job or internship, and putting yourself down will only challenge that further. Remember that confidence is key, and having any negative criticisms about your professional performance or future career will only hurt you in the long run! Know that you are an amazing, fabulous professional woman who has the confidence to advance in your career and make any company lucky to have you!

Positive thinking

For every negative thought, think of three positive ones. Instead of thinking how horrible your answer was to that interview question, focus on what you could do better next time in a similar situation. Although you may not be in total control of your career, remember that you are in total control of how you handle the difficult situations that may come along with it. Focus on the positive side to each experience and keep your dreams about a happy and successful future in mind. It’s amazing what a few positive, uplifting vibes can do for a person!


When you feel the most anxious about your new job, your career path, or that dreaded post-graduation job search you should have started last month, stop and take a deep, deep breath. It will help you stop scaring yourself with your own fearful thoughts. Simply taking a deep breath will help you collect your thoughts into a more realistic set of goals and tasks that you may have ahead of you.

Take time for yourself

If things aren’t working out in your career, know that it’s okay to take a step back and focus on yourself for a while. Find a new hobby, go on vacation, sleep until 2 p.m., have a spa day with your girlfriends. Anything that will better you as a person, will better you as an employee and professional. And if it’s meant to be, that dream job will be waiting for you when you’re done taking the time to find yourself!