What To Wear To A PR Interview

As the fashion-savvy, sophisticated, career women we all are, making a great (and polished) first impression on an interview is important to us. As I  know that the interview can be a little bit nerv-wracking I don’t want you to worry about finding the right outfit.

I have been on a fair amount of PR interviews, I have become aware of what works, and what doesn’t work, and I now know how to put together the perfect PR outfit that will help you secure the  job of your dreams and look great while doing it .

Of course, every PR agency is different. Some are more corporate than others, and some are more casual. When dressing for your interview, keep the type of company in mind. A fashion PR firm may want to see you in something more fashionable such as a great shift dress and statement necklace, whereas a more corporate financial relations firm  want to see you in a more traditional suited trousers and a sleek cardigan.


My rule of thumb is always to dress up rather than dress down. Do some research beforehand to try and get a sense of what the office environment may be like.

Keep these two “C” words in mind; comfort and confidence. Wear something that won’t bunch up when you sit down and isn’t too short when you stand up. I know that a black dress may look fabulous at night, but keep it a little bit longer for an interview. I have seen girls come into the office for an interview with short skirts and low cut tops on, and I promise you, less is not more! You can still look great, (and nail the interview) in a skirt and button down top with a great blazer and sky high pumps to top it off.

Lastly, it’s all about how you carry yourself in that amazing outfit that will help you land your dream job. When dressing for your interview wear clothes that make you feel confident. PR professionals love to see young women who exude confidence and the clothes you wear can say a lot about who you are and how you feel about the job.

We all know PR is one of the most exciting and demanding industries to be in so let your outfit attract positive thoughts and your confidence shine. I love the classic skirts from Banana Republic, the fun and trendy tops from Ann Taylor Loft, and blazers from J.Crew. As PR girls, shopping is one of our favorite leisurely activities, so go buy that perfect outfit, land the interview, and score the job!

Nicole Botsaris

Nicole is a 21-year-old public relations student at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York. She currently works part-time at Rubenstein Public Relations in Manhattan as a publicist intern, and does freelance work on the side. She hopes to work full-time for a New York City PR agency, and besides enjoying the life of a busy PR girl, she loves to shop, cook, read and explore all of New York City.

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