Keep Your Summer Skin Through the Colder Months – Skin Maintenance in the Winter Period

A combination of cold temperatures, biting winds and a lack of sunshine can severely harm skin from December to February, leaving it cracked, flaky and sore.

But Sam Cinkir, of leading skin and hair specialists Este Medical Group, believes all is not lost in the battle to keep hold of your summer glow.

He said: “As temperatures drop the outer layers of our skin, the stratum corneum, can dry out and the loss of this barrier lets moisture seep out from below.

“Our skin then becomes irritated and itchy and without adequate moisture, it cracks and sheds.

“The most important things we can do include exfoliating the dead cells away and using high-quality moisturiser to maintain our skin’s natural balance.

“Products with ingredients such as lactic acid or hyaluronic acid can be a really useful weapon in the battle against dull and dry skin, while drinking plenty of water keeps up hydrated and fresh.

“Non-invasive cosmetic treatments such as an intravenous vitamin drip, HydraFacial or LED phototherapy can also lend a hand in keeping our skin looking its best.”

When the seasons change and winter hits, our skin can really feel the worst of it. 

Harsh winds, cold temperatures, and lashing rain all take their toll on our skin, but central heating indoors can harm sensitive skin too, by drying out the air. 

Some experts believe using a cool air humidifier indoors can prevent skin from drying out and help it maintain moisture.

While others believe increasing the amount of healthy oils in our diet, such as avocados, nuts and fish, can also give skin a boost.

Notorious diuretics such as alcohol, coffee and caffeine may also be avoided as they can cause dehydration.

Mr Cinkir also recommends using gentle cleansers free of harsh chemicals to remove impurities, while applying a hydrating moisturising cream can also be a good idea.

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