Different Ways to Incorporate Himalayan Salt in Your Daily Routine

Salt is a vital part of every cuisine all around the world. Out of all the salts available in the market, Himalayan pink salt is considered very beneficial because of its pure and unrefined nature. It is said to contain a lot of minerals in traces that make it quite beneficial. It has a lot of uses due to its availability in different forms.

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You only know one way to use salt and that is for seasoning but in this article, we will be sharing with you some amazing ways of incorporating Himalayan salt in your daily routine. So, let’s get started:

Edible Salt

Replace your regular white table salt with a more natural and chemical-free Himalayan pink salt. This salt is sourced from old salt deposits that remain under mountains to protect it from pollutants. Himalayan salt has a light pink color due to its mineral content. It is perfect for use as a finishing salt because of its color. Himalayan rock salt is unrefined and additive-free that is why it is a better alternative to table salt which is highly refined.

Sole Water

Saltwater or sole water is a saturated mixture of salt in water. This electrolyte-rich drink is made with Himalayan salt mixed in water to boost mineral intake. Drinking it daily on empty stomach provides various health benefits.

You can easily make sole water by filling a jar with a quarter of the way with Himalayan rock salt and the rest of the jar with water. Then stir it with a spoon and keep on adding salt until a saturated solution is made. Leave this solution overnight.

Every morning mix a teaspoon of this solution in a glass of water and drink it. It will replenish your minerals and give you an instant energy boost. It also balances the body’s pH level and removes the toxins while keeping your body hydrated.

Detoxifying Salt Bath

Adding salt baths to your daily wellness routine can help to unwind after a tiring day and also maintains the skin’s pHbalance. According to studies, regular salt baths can help to improve many biological and cellular functions. You do not need to go to spas or wellness centers to get these luxurious salt baths. You can easily take these mineral-rich baths at home at any time.

For a salt bath, simply pour Himalayan pink salt crystals into the warm bath water and stir it with your hand to dissolve in water. You can also add a few drops of any essential oil you like and coconut oil to make it more beneficial and moisturizing. Let yourself immerse in this salt bath for 10 to 12 minutes, 2 times a week for best results.

Soaking yourself in a warm Himalayan salt bath also improves immunity and balances pH levels. It also removes dead skin cells and makes your skin smooth. Himalayan salt has anti-bacterial properties and can treat back acne and scars.

Himalayan Salt Lamps & Candle Holders

Himalayan salt can also be used for the décor of your home and offices in the form of gorgeous lamps and candle holders. These lamps are made by hand-carving large salt rocks and then placing bulbs inside the hollow cavity. When switched on, these lamps give off a yellowish-orange glow that creates a very aesthetic environment. You can choose from a number of different sizes and shapes of salt lamps available in the market. 

Instead of using an ordinary candle holder, try beautiful Himalayan salt candle holders or tea light holders. These holders are very convenient and can be placed anywhere to ho your candle without any mess.

Foot Detoxifier

Cleaning your face and body is not just enough. You need to cleanse your body of all the toxins and pollutants to stay healthy. One way to detoxify the body externally is through your feet. You can DIY a Himalayan salt foot detoxifier using simple ingredients. 

Take warm water in a tub and add half a cup of Himalayan salt granules, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon baking soda, and a few drops of peppermint essential oil. Mix all the ingredients and put your feet in this water for about 15 to 20 minutes. This mineral-rich foot detoxifying water will suck out all the toxins from your feet and also make them clean and moisturized.

All these uses of Himalayan salt are very beneficial for overall health and wellbeing. Next time you go grocery shopping, do not forget to buy this mineral-rich salt and its other products.

By: Iram Afzal

Iram Afzal is a blogger at Ittefaq Salt. Iram loves to share his knowledge and experiences with others. He wants to help others to live a healthy lifestyle, mostly writing on home, nature, health, food and nutrition-related topics.