Oceania Skincare – Shifting Your Energy for a Better Routine

Eat Sleep Work Repeat. We all miss the reliability of pre-lockdown routines. Now, everything seems to merge into one. We work where we eat, sleep where we work, and everything (which lockdown are we on now?) seems to be on repeat. Routines make us feel calm and motivated; they help us to sleep sounder at night and wake up brighter each morning. Now, the momentum of a regular daily pattern is more important than ever to help keep your spirits up, your mind busy, and your body beautiful!

Toiletries and top-quality beauty products are a great way to introduce a healthy sense of routine into days that seem to lack them. We have been inspired by the gorgeous products at Oceania Skincare to look afresh at the importance of daily routines. From wake-me-up serums golden as the sun to tenderly fragranced candles ideal for night-time, Oceania Skincare will help you to maintain a (sweet-scented) self-care schedule.

Inspired by natural ingredients and sustainable practice, Oceania craft beautiful products for your skin, hair and home. They are an Australian brand but are based in Copenhagen, where all their products are expertly formulated, designed and produced. Local suppliers and materials ensure the very finest quality, while the expert Oceania team combine their experience and knowledge into unique blends guaranteed to soothe your body and mind. Each product is infused with the goodness of the Australian coast, and the Oceania team maintain firm sustainability values to make sure their products are as loving to the sea as they are to your skin. 

With all this earth-kind goodness in mind, can you think of a better way to start your day? Mornings can be tricky right now – we haven’t got the fresh air and trip to work to motivate us – but a few simple changes will help to keep your spirits up. 

Our first tip: wake up at the same time each day.

It’s tempting to hit ‘snooze’ again and again (and again) but getting out of bed in good time will avoid pre-work panics and also help you to sleep better at night. The sun is starting to rise earlier now, so make sure you open your curtains first thing to allow plenty of mood-boosting natural light into your home. Not only do the sun’s rays make you feel golden and gorgeous, but natural light has also been proven to aid concentration and reduce anxiety. 

Next, it’s time to shower.

For a truly indulgent in-shower experience, the experts advise us to involve all our senses. Listen to the river-like gush of the bubbles and feel the warm water rippling over your shoulder and towards your toes. Finish with a pep-you-up splash of cold water to send your endorphins into a spin (cold water bursts are a form of electroshock therapy and help to give your body a boost of endorphins and energy). We like to follow our shower routine with Oceania’s Jojoba Rose hip Body Oil for featherweight hydration and satiny soft skin. Bursting with natural, active ingredients like Lavender (known for its soothing scent) and Kakadu Plum (an Australian superfood with the highest vitamin C content in the world), this skin-friendly elixir is a one-way ticket to gorgeously glowing, beautifully radiant skin.

Another stunning product is Oceania’s Advanced Facial Serum – we simply cannot get enough of its organic goodness. With Ylang Ylang to protect against inflammation, Juniper Berry to tighten and cleanse, and Jojoba Oil for spa-worthy moisturisation, it’s everything your skin needs in a bottle. Make the most of the oil’s lustrous medley by massaging it slowly into your skin and giving yourself time to appreciate your beautiful body. 

Mood-boosting mornings are essential, but it’s also important to continue your self-care practises throughout the day.

Taking time out in the fresh air is a good idea – Mother Nature always knows how to improve your mood and reduce anxiety – as is taking plenty of breaks from work. Spend a moment away from your desk to note down positive affirmations or listen to a meditation podcast on your phone. Or, simply enjoy five minutes of mindfulness while you’re drinking your morning coffee. Because self-care is never, ever selfish.   

Your evening routine: Allot this extra time to yourself – don’t let it get swallowed up by chores.

Now that we are spending less time on the daily commute, chances are your evenings feel a little longer than they used to. Light candles as the day comes to a close to remind your body that it is time to wind down. We adore Oceania’s Northern Light Soy Candle, which contains Rosemary Oil and Organic Eucalyptus to help relieve mental exhaustion.

Oceania’s candles are kind to our planet, too. Made from soybeans and entirely organic, they are the perfect alternative to petroleum-based paraffin. 

Just how gorgeous is their Eastern Sun Soy Candle…?

Small changes to your routine can have maximum impact. By taking time out from your busy (home) working day, you can boost your health, productivity and overall wellbeing. Allow top quality, natural products to lead your day and help you to give your mental and physical health the care they deserve. 

Ellie Loxton

Ellie Loxton recently graduated in English from the University of Cambridge where she produced a diverse collection of articles for Varsity and The Cambridge Student. Completing work experience placements with book publishers (Sweet Cherry Publishing, Usborne books) and magazine titles (The Oakhamian, Immediate Media Company) has provided her with first-hand experience in features writing. Firmly believing that enthusiasm, energy and engagement are the driving forces behind great writing, Ellie strives to deliver high-quality material relevant to modern women. She can always be found putting pen to paper, whether this be through a writing project, crossword puzzle or her daily journal.