Salon Life Vs Iris: Which is The Best Salon

Are you managing a salon and finding yourself missing out on targeting local customers? Getting yourself registered with the Salon app is probably the best solution to all your business-related problems. After all, most customers these days are first googling the best salons before visiting them for their monthly (or weekly) beauty fix.

Well! If you currently have your own salon or establish a franchise from, now is the best time to get better traffic to your website (and to your business). Now, the best way to start off is to get a good rep for your business online and among customers (you want your customers to recommend your services to their friends and family) and this can efficiently be done by joining hands with the salon appointment booking app. If you need salon cleaning experts, you can find more information here about the same!

Clients impatiently waiting for their turn at the salon to get their hair done, while their hair stylist finishes up the person before them, can understandably get frustrated over the waiting time and probably won’t come back. They may even post negative comments online and on social media! So, one of the best moves a hair salon can make is shifting their business to an online platform where customers from different areas can book their appointments without any hassle and the salon can then grab a target market share quickly while its hair stylists can plan for the day ahead to avoid waiting time.

You can make communication more straightforward and faster too. A salon app will assist your customers in booking their appointments in no time. This is done by tracking the free time slots available in the preferred salon. This way, your customers can scroll too many hairstyles and choose the best among the available alternatives.

By getting a salon software you can give yourself an edge by beating your competitors to the punch! The salon app has many advantages and is beneficial for both the salons and the clients. 

Want to find out more? The Salon App will provide you with the following services

24*7 Connectivity

The new app provides you a 24*7 connectivity with your clients. Also, this is the place where you can serve them with attractive loyalties and rewards on regular visits.

Important reminders

The booking software makes a significant difference from the IRIS app by sending reminders regarding the regular bookings. It is the best way to retain the customers who might switch to the other salons.

Photo gallery 

Customers today want the best beauty services available, and so creating a photo gallery of you beauty studio will enable your clients to choose from the various styles available for their hair for example.

Review and rating

The app provides you with an added feature of reviewing and rating the services. The clients can post their experience and their feedback once they have made the payment.

Dynamic system of payments

The app comes with an integrated payment option. It provides the facility of connecting with the debit cards and the credit cards. Both the online and offline payment modes are available for making a secure transaction.

Prior knowledge of rates

You will find an added feature where you get the prior experience of the prices, service, menu, and product categories. Your customers can easily plan their packages before visiting the parlour. The feature helps the clients to choose according to their budget and style requirements.

Flashes special offers on special occasions

Special events like wedding and the festive season are the point of time when girls are looking for some updo like funky haircuts. Grab the opportunities by posting a special updo with stylish tips etc.

Manage the profile of the staff members

Obviously, a salon requires a bunch of experienced staff members who are proficient in their work. Also, you need to manage the account for each of the employee hired. The salon booking app does this work of maintaining accounts of your valuable human resource for you. Also, you can keep a proper record of the payment structure of the staff. 

The app will keep you updated on the salary status by keeping you informed on how much you have paid and what amount is yet to be paid. It becomes for a salon that is registered with the IRIS app as the facility of maintaining accounts is not provided by the IRIS beauty app.

GPS technology

The global positioning technology system benefits your customers as they can easily track the location of your salon. It can also help you in targeting the specific customers of your choice. 

Track the billing details of the customer, manage the cashless payments in the database, send the reminders of the upcoming appointments to your clients for making them your regular visitors.

Indeed, the Salon app is a one-stop solution for expanding the business and also extending high-quality services to the clients. And if you require further help to increase the successes of you beauty salon, you can do so by working with a full service digital marketing agency such as Primefunnel. Primefunnel helps beauty salons with pay per click management services to increase sales.

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