Reasons Why You Need A Thai Massage This Holiday Season


With Christmas just around the corner, the likelihood is your diary is filling up fast with festivities and dare we mention, Christmas shopping. Eek! It’s always an exciting build up, but what with it being the end of the year and all, you might be more in the mood for PJ’s and an early night rather than a glitzy Christmas party. This is why we at YCB are suggesting some well deserved pampering before the merriments kick off!

You might think a spa time, which is a little self indulgent so close to Christmas. How dare I treat myself?! But, we practice what we preach, so before you pass this off, trust us, we’ve tried an amazing Thai massage at Thai Kosai (prepare yourself for ultimate relaxation!) and we’re feeling revived and recharged ready for the holiday season.

Thai Kosai

Thai Kosai

Here’s 5 reasons why you should try one too:

1. You’re hosting Christmas

Whether it’s your first time hosting Christmas, or your home is the usual gathering point for family and friends over the festive period, you’ll have a long list of things to get done like shopping, housework, even some last minute decorating of the guest room. Tackling this list will take energy and by the time you’ve done it all you’ll want to put your feet up in front of the fire. But, the turkey won’t cook itself! A relaxing Thai massage is the perfect way to unwind, relax your senses and get your mind and body prepared.

2. You’re meeting your in-laws for the first time

This can add a little pressure to Christmas, you’ll want to be on your best form and impress with some good gifts. Taking some time out of your day to unwind and choosing a treatment like a deep tissue massage while listening to soul-soothing music will help relieve stress not to mention improve the quality of your sleep, so that  you can feel refreshed and ready to meet the family.

3. Christmas is your busiest time at work

If the Christmas period is your busiest time at work, this will certainly add another notch of stress to the Christmas preparations. You’ve got a long shopping list of gifts and no time to do it, not to mention you’ve nominated yourself to make the Christmas pudding and now you’re wondering what an earth you were thinking. Fear not, taking an hour out of your day for a massage will only do good things. An aromatherapy massage focuses on pure relaxation by using massage alongside mood lifting essential oils. If you’re really short on time even a 30-minute massage on your lunch break will do wonders to your productivity.

4. Avoid the dreaded lurgy over Christmas

With your diary bursting with merry drinks and events you’ll be non-stop right until Christmas Eve. After working hard all year long it’s hard to avoid picking up office lurgies at this time of year and it’s a real shame if you’re feeling poorly on Christmas day or New Years Eve. A massage doesn’t just relax you, but a head; neck and shoulder massage can release endorphins, which is a natural anesthetic for the body. If you’re feeling stiff from sitting at a desk all day, or your shoulder hurts from carrying heavy bags, then a massage is an ideal natural remedy to ease any pain, and hopefully keep any lurgies at bay.

5. You’re travelling far to see relatives

You might be spending Christmas abroad, at relatives who are a long car journey away, or hopping on a packed train with bags of presents. Either way, the journey may not be up there on your things to look forward to about Christmas. Long journeys can make your muscles ache or give you a bit of a stiff neck. However, if you treat yourself to a Thai massage then this will help relax any tight muscles and improve your circulation and posture. Not only preparing you for a bit of a tiresome journey, but helping you avoid any unwanted soreness over Christmas.

Feel like you need a massage? Visit or give the team a call at 020 7247 8495 to book yourself in for an hour of total bliss.

Thai Kosai

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