Hygge Home Ideas For Winter

Hygge Home Ideas For Winter


In case you hadn’t realised, winter is well and truly in full swing. If like us, you’re dusting off your favourite Christmas decorations and rearranging the house in preparation for visitors you may want to take a look at our Hygge ideas for home this winter. We’ve teamed up with Cloudberry Living to showcase some of their careful curated pieces that will fit perfectly into any home this season. It’s not about refurnishing your entire house, but instead creating a welcoming atmosphere which favours cosiness and small pleasures for you and your guests.

We love the ethos at Cloudberry, where they take pride in every product they add to their store. Their founder Alicia says this is all inspired by Scandinavian life, “From a tea light to a large dining table, each piece, material and design is carefully thought out from beginning to end and their love of quality and timeless style means each piece can be loved and treasured and is made to last”. This attention to detail is clear in the range they offer and in their great customer service.


Hygge is a way of life for Scandinavians as Alicia explained to us, “It can happen anywhere, indoors or outdoors with candles or not. Alone or with company. Doing your favourite thing such as enjoying a drink in your favourite mug, sitting reading a great book and really enveloping yourself in the moment, enjoying the little everyday things and making them more mindful and special”. If this concept sounds like something you’d like to know more about then check out How to Hygge The Secrets of Nordic Living by Signe Johansen, an easy to read book full of inspiring tips.

How to Hygge

So how can we use everyday objects to help enhance that ‘Hygge’ feeling this winter? The word itself can be most easily translated as ‘cosiness’, so making yourself comfortable at home is a great place to start. These Glerups Danish Felt Slippers are a real everyday luxury, first made by a Danish woman in 1933 who handcrafted them for friends from the wool of her own Gotland sheep. Now a successful business, their slippers are ethically produced and made with silk and wool for ultimate warmth and comfort.

Glerup slippers Cloudberry Living

Snuggling up on the sofa is one of our favourite things to do in the winter months, and dressing your sofa appropriately is a rewarding task when you finally get to sink into it at the end of a hard day. A stylish but practical addition to any living room is the Lapuan Kankurit Saaga Blanket which has a large check pattern in shades of pink, orange and red. Add an instant pop of colour to any room this will quickly become your favourite blanket!

Alicia says many of us are already practicing Hygge lifestyle unwittingly, “You probably already have Hygge moments but you do not know what they are”. We think creating a calming atmosphere at home is key, and it wouldn’t be the same without a few of our favourite candles to add to that comforting vibe. The Skandinavisk Vinter Mini Trio is a compact collection of classic scents that evoke the image of winter. SNO is fresh and icy with a hint of winter berries and frozen timber woods. Skog is inspired by misty boreal forests, fresh scented pines and woodland lily of the valley and new Baer is an uplifting mix of fresh cloudberries, blueberries and zingy lingonberries. Light a different one depending on your mood and watch your troubles melt away in moments.


Living the Hygge lifestyle is all about savouring the small pleasures in life, and what greater pleasure is there than a fresh cup of coffee? This Stelton Theo French Press will add a sophisticated edge to any kitchen counter or coffee table whilst offering a practical solution to coffee brewing at home. The matt black stoneware and wooden lid encapsulates the Scandinavian way of living with a ‘less is more’ attitude which makes coffee time that little bit more glamorous.

Cloudberry Living Stelton Theo French Press

If coffee isn’t your thing, we recommend this cute red mug for a milky hot chocolate or your favourite tea. Its contemporary design is a subtle nod to the festive season but is still perfect for use all year round. Buy a set of four to accommodate guests or simply add one to your own collection. Add a sachet of hot chocolate and a bag of mini marshmallows and you have a lovely gift for any house guests you are having over Christmas.


We hope this has given you some inspiration to create your own feeling of Hygge over the winter season, now all we need is a sprinkling of snow and a glass of glogg!

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