The Ultimate Guide to Stiletto Eyes

The ultimate guide to stiletto eyes


The eyes are the window to our soul, and they need a proper frame to outline such a beautiful mission. Makeup will always be there to emphasise our best features, especially our femme fatale glance that we all want to have at special occasions. The stiletto look is the perfect way to make our eyes outstanding, and here’s the ultimate guide to getting it.

1. Eye Shadow Primer

The new secret of a long-lasting makeup is the eyeshadow primer. This creamy product is applied on the eye lid as the first layer of makeup. If you used your foundation as a base for your eyeshadow until now, there are chances you noticed that the unwanted creasing was more prominent than ever. However, the primer will save you from this makeup smudges.

This product offers only a nude or invisible colour palette, but you don’t want it for this purpose. The reason you should use this product is that it will protect the makeup against the oils of your skin. Consequently, your eye shadow will maintain fresh for the entire day and won’t be disturbed by unwanted creases.

2. Apply a Skin Tone Eye Shadow

Even though there are many mesmerising colours that bring to everyone’s attention your best facial features, the stiletto eyes are all about eyeliner. However, eye shadow is an important element in this kind of look. You want to smoothly transition from your natural skin tone to the classy black cat eye and avoid a sudden change of colours that creates a too powerful contrast. For this, you should go with a darker eye shadow than your skin tone. Apply the colour on your entire eye lid. You can try these eyeshadow tutorials for brown eyes for a perfect look.

3. Choose the Perfect Liner

Every type of eyeliner has its own set of ups and downs. Ultimately, you want to choose the one that suits you best. There are so many different kinds of eyeliners to try out and experiment with, but we’ll go on with a black charcoal pencil. This choice was influenced by its flexibility which is perfect to get your desired stiletto eyes.

The secret to a sharp colour is to warm the tip of your eyeliner pencil. The melted minerals will make it easier for you to draw precise lines and acquire exactly what you want. Be careful though not to keep the pencil too long under the heating source. Try it on the back of your hand, where the skin is tougher and doesn’t feel too much pain.

4. Apply the Eyeliner

Start applying the dark liner from the middle of the lid. This is because you have better control when drawing a line from uphill to downhill than vice versa. The key to mastering the stiletto eyes is to use the curves of a spoon. This will ensure you the edgy look like a cat eye.

As a safety measure to not go over the line, you can use some Sellotape strips at the corner of your eyes. To turn the eye line softer and lose a too angular look, you can take a blending brush and smudge the makeup a little bit.

To create a more dramatic look, you can emphasise the eye line with a gel liner with a thinner line over the original one. After you are done with the colours, you can rectify any irregularity by using a concealer underneath.

5. Apply Mascara

The final touch is to apply your favourite mascara. The trick here is to use the product only on your upper lashes while leaving the rest of them in their natural state. Rotate the brush from root to tip to get the impression of longer lashes. Before the mascara has a chance to dry, use a lash comb to aid separation. And that’s it!

If you made it this way, you are the owner of the attractive stiletto eyes. Your look is now ready to stand out in the crowd.

Tiffany Brenning

Tiffany Brenning found a way to combine both of her passions – she works as a beautician and a freelance writer. After graduating from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, California, Tiffany started her career as a make-up artist and hairdresser, but now she believes she has found her way.