Top Energy-Wasting Habits Revealed: Do YOU Do Any of These?

Top energy-wasting habits revealed: Do YOU do any of these?

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Making an effort to conserve energy in the house is not only good for the environment; it’s also good for your bank account. New research carried out by OVO energy has revealed the nation’s bad habits when it comes to wasting energy at home.

Shockingly, many people are unaware of how much their energy usage is actually costing them and the environment, even though 85% of people say they make a conscious effort to save energy in the house.

Most people believe it’s important to be green at home, with six out of ten worrying about the impact their home energy consumption has on the environment. However, almost half of us don’t know which appliances cost the most to run.

The widespread use of devices such as phones, tablets and laptops is biggest cause of energy waste in the home. For example, almost half of people admit to leaving their phone or laptop charging while they are asleep – do you charge your phone overnight?

We also waste energy and money in the bathroom. Almost 30% of people waste water by leaving the tap running while they are brushing their teeth.

OVO’s survey shows that us Brits love a bit of relaxing time, to be specific – twice a week. UK public takes, on average, two baths a week, and the average time that people sit in a bath is 19 minutes!

Here, OVO’s energy saving expert shares 6 top tips for saving energy this winter:


1. Did you know that you can save energy by using a bowl to wash up with instead of a running tap? Simply fill up the bowl with the amount of water you’ll need to wash your dishes in and use that, rather than wasting more hot water than you need.

2. Fill the kettle with the amount of water that you’ll need and avoid filling it up for just one brew.

3. Don’t use washing machine for just one or two items.

4. Did you know that by limiting yourself to just one cycle per week you’ll save on your energy bills? Also, make sure you have a full load when using your washing machine or dishwasher.

5. Do you have long showers in the morning? You’ll be surprised to learn that you can save yourself some cash on your energy bills by spending only ONE minute less in the shower per day.

6. One of the most prominent areas that people can save money on their energy bills is by taking more control of their heating. Make sure you only heat areas of your home that actually need heating. It’s also worth experimenting and turning your heating down one degree to see if it makes a difference – it will certainly make a difference to your energy bills.

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