How To Renew & Replenish Your Skin When It’s Freezing Outside

How to renew & replenish your skin when it’s freezing outside

How to renew & replenish your skin when it's freezing outside

Winter is coming. Whilst we’ve accepted the cold temperatures are on the way and we’ve packed away the last few summer dresses we were clinging on to, we’re not quite ready to say goodbye to our healthy summer glow. The cold weather isn’t good news for our skin, a combination of freezing temperatures and central heating isn’t a recipe for healthy looking hydrated skin after all.

Fear not though girls, we’ve got you covered! Say hello to Natura Siberica, the skincare you simply NEED to survive this winter.

Natura Siberica

First up, let’s talk face serum. Containing a unique Siberian herb named Snow Cladonia, this is full of usnic acid which restores skin cells and promotes a more beautiful and younger looking appearance. Whilst it didn’t quite knock ten years off us overnight (damn it) it did provide us with a radiant glow and made our skin feel hydrated and nourished. After just a couple of weeks of daily use our skin felt healthier and silky smooth. A big thumbs up for this product.

Face serum you need for the colder winter months

We also had the pleasure of testing out the Snow Cladonia night cream, a regenerating formula aimed to renew and replenish your skin overnight. The hyaluronic acid deeply hydrated the skin, helping to eliminate those pesky fine lines, whilst the organic calendula extract has an anti-oxidant effect, encouraging cell regeneration. This product worked wonders on our skin alleviating any dry patches and will definitely be a staple in our skincare routine for the winter.

Natura Siberica

Not only are these products saviours for your skin, the brand is also certified to the strictest natural and organic cosmetic standards and have a heavy focus on natural, quality ingredients for their skincare. Just what we like to hear!

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