A Guide to Wearing Tweed in the Workplace

A guide to wearing tweed in the workplace

Veronica Virta

If there is one item of clothing that epitomises power dressing for us, it’s tweed. Traditionally made to withstand harsh climates and outdoor activities, this classic fabric has transcended into our workwear wardrobes. From herringbone to Houndstooth, we are obsessed with this iconic pattern! And for a very good reason, it is made to stand the test of time. Sure, the deerstalker hat might take a little persuading to come back into everyday fashion, but tweed coats are a staple on and off the runway for men and women every Autumn/Winter season.

Lucky for us, Veronica Virta specialises in truly luxurious tweed fashion. With a customer base ranging between the ages of 20-80, ‘the common denominator is that they like our classic design’, Veronica tells us. ‘The garments can be paired with their own style’.

Veronica Virta

As one of the most versatile fabrics around, Veronica Virta hits the nail on the head. Because of its classic style, wearing tweed is a fashion statement that anyone can make. Plus, because of the thicker fabric and texture, it’s our go-to for winter months where layering is vital to our look! Comfortable winter clothes AND trending all season long? Don’t mind if we do…

Veronica Virta

As the old saying goes ‘a friend in tweed is a friend indeed’, so make yourself that fashionable friend with our top picks for the winter months. With these pieces, you’ll be female boss’ing from day to night. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the fabulous Veronica Virta website for yourself. Be prepared to fall in love with this classic style… and don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Mini skirt with buttons

Let’s kick things off with this showstopping piece. Pairing this skirt with opaque tights, a white shirt and a pair of Mary Jane heels will make Monday mornings a little bit brighter. Combining classic button designs with a modern twist of a darker tweed means that your skirt will stand out from a sea of black business suits. This versatile design means that if you pair this with the matching jacket, it will only enhance your look for your most important meetings.

Nathalia tweed coat

Words might be difficult to describe how much we adore this Italian tweed coat. Featuring silver buttons and a classic grey and black design, this coat is our winter wardrobe staple. A tweed coat is perfect for throwing over any look to add instant fashion factor, and Veronica agrees that ‘wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt under a tweed coat, still gives you a luxurious look’. So even if your office is more smart casual than business, this coat will give your outfit a timeless edge.

Lizzy tweed trousers

These trousers are a stand-out statement that adds texture and a little difference to your all-black work wardrobe. Ignoring the usual contenders for the work wardrobe, these trousers are head-turners and comfortable to boot. Who said that trouser suits had to be boring? Pair these with a gorgeous designer handbag and a bright button-up cardigan for a devastatingly on-trend look that will make you the Pinterest-envy of the office.

Ellie tweed dress

For those of you that love to be adventurous with your style, go bold with this Ellie tweed dress. The sassiest of our tweed selections, this dress means business. Whether you channel your inner Wednesday Addams with black tights and a black long sleeve top, or a pussy-bow blouse to give a feminine edge with a gold statement necklace, this dress is a great starting point to make a statement with your business fashion.

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