London’s Hottest NEW Skin Clinic: Mayfair Aesthetics

London’s hottest NEW skin clinic: Mayfair Aesthetics

Mayfair Aesthetics

With packed schedules and inspiration in droves, London Fashion Week has arrived – welcomed by traditionally drizzly British weather. Whilst everyone rushes to and from shows, street photographers block pavements, and social media fills with well-edited snapshots of collections to look forward to, it’s often a rush to get prepared for this intoxicating time in the fashion calendar.

Although Fashion Week stress might sound like a ridiculous first-world problem (and, lets face it, it probably is) tips to help prepare for such a chaotic time are something we very much welcome. So, we’ve been on the look out for somewhere that offers the opportunity to relax whilst getting us fashion week ready.

Luckily, we’ve found a little gem nestled in Islington – Mayfair Aesthetics Laser and Skin Clinic – and they invited me to try out the latest technology in laser hair removal and non-invasive skin-tightening with the Soprano Ice Platinum.

Mayfair Aesthetics Islington

London's hottest new skin clinic Mayfair Aesthetics

The first thing that stuck me was how intimate the clinic is; being greeted there was like meeting friends for a catch up and a chat about beauty. This is something that’s very important to the team, they wanted to create an experience where you’re not rushed in and rushed out, where you have the time to talk through your treatments with expert practitioners, The clinic offers longer appointment times than usual because they understand that clients are people, not names on a booking form.

The story of how Mayfair Aesthetics came about is a very efficient one – only 5 days separated the day the initial idea was born and the point at which the location was found; then there were a mere 7 weeks between the first business phone call and opening for business. Clearly, the team knows how to get stuff done – but this speed has not come at the expense of quality and attention to detail. The interior is beautiful and well finished with lots of natural light, excellent air conditioning, and spotless facilities – bonus points if you spot their covetable collection of cacti.

Anyway – on to the main event – the treatments themselves; the Soprano Ice Platinum is an innovative, pain-free way to conduct laser hair removal. The technology combines 3 laser wavelengths to improve efficacy and Mayfair Aesthetics is one of the first places in London you can receive the treatment. My lovely practitioner – Luz- was very attentive, she talked me through the technology in detail and continued to check I was comfortable throughout the treatment. Honestly, the combination of the gentle warming and the pressure was reminiscent of a hot stone massage – so it’s no wonder clients frequently fall asleep.

Top London skin clinic Mayfair Aesthetics in Islington

I also had the opportunity to try the skin tightening facial, another treatment using the Soprano Ice Platinum and another way to get fashion week ready. I don’t know about you but I’d prefer people to be focusing on the bags in the collections rather than the bags under my eyes. If invasive treatments aren’t your bag but you’re wanting something a bit more than skincare, I’d recommend this anti-aging facial. The Near Infrafed light stimulates your own natural collagen production to restore the tautness and tone of the skin. Once this is done, you’re then treated to a FOY (fountain of Youth) cooling mask – which is welcome after the warmth of the laser – followed by serum, lifting eye gel and a relaxing facial massage. You’d be forgiven for assuming that at this point you’d be up and on your way, but the team will have prepared a delicious Skinade and fresh berry collagen-boosting cocktail to maximize your radiance. It’s all in the detail.

Mayfair Aesthetics

Although Mayfair Aesthetics is planning to expand (hopefully by the end of the year), Matt – the founder – assured me that they will retain their small scale clinics and emphasis on quality, ensuring the client experience is always the heart of what they do. The clinic has only been open a matter of weeks but, as the team brings such a wealth of experience and a real passion for delivering high-quality skin treatments, the bookings schedule is filling fast – so we suggest you phone up and get an appointment soon.

First Floor, Clinic Central, 10-12 Gaskin Street, Angel, London N1 2RY 

0207 354 4000 

Rosie Craig

Rosie Craig recently graduated from Durham University and King’s College London with degrees in English and Cultural and Creative Industries. She currently works in marketing and she’s always on the hunt for a great brownie (or at the gym, working off those great brownies).