Top 7 Tips on How to Keep Your Mood Up This Fall

Top 7 tips on how to keep your mood up this fall

Top 7 tips on how to keep your mood up this fall

This year’s fall is much alike the previous one. Once again comes the period when the leaves are changing colours and the summer slowly turns into winter. The weather is changing and so is the mood of people. I am sure you are already aware of the effect autumn has on people, but why is this really the case? Fall is one of the four wonderful seasons and should be spent in a good atmosphere. It’s crisp fresh air fuels an energy in me and all things pumpkin brings me such joy! However, people tend to experience mood swings in fall. Also, they begin working later hours and going out much less.

‘We all feel moody when the temperature starts changing. Keeping myself busy with work always helps me improve my mood in fall’ Said Sarah, a professional writer of Australian Writings.

The reason for this is because the fall mood is usually more depressing and nostalgic than any other period of the year. This is exactly why you need to find something that will keep you happy and optimistic this fall.

how to enjoy the autumn season to the max

Here are some tips you can follow to get the right fall mood this year.

Enjoy the Smell of Fall

When I think of fall, I get that fluttering feeling in my stomach. I love the smells, the crisp air on those early autumn mornings in the city and everything pumpkin-spice. And that smell of fresh apple cider! (I could literally rink apple cider all day long.)

Being out in the outdoors during the autumn season is not only an amazing thing to see because of the colours changing, but it also has that unique smell that you can only sense then. The other three seasons are also amazing, but nothing smells, looks and sounds better than the smell of falling leaves.

And not only that! Imagine rich cinnamon, caramel and yummy apples at your table. I still remember the smell of my grandma’s amazing fall recipes. Luckily, she shared them with me. When fall comes, this is still my favourite thing to come home to.

Go Out More Often

I know that the summer is gone and the winter is just around the corner, but too warm and too cold are not the only options we have. And we are so lucky for this!

If you are feeling moody like the weather, try getting more active! Go out with your friends or take a stroll in the park. If you have a pet, take him or her for a nice, long walk where he can roll around the fallen leaves. Pets know how to enjoy all seasons, so you may learn that in the process.

Enjoy a Movie

There is no better excuse to lie down on your couch and watch some much-deserved Netflix than the excuse of moody weather. Watch some comedy to boost your mood and make you laugh or why not the latest season of Narcos. Or you could even watch a thriller to get the excitement up and running.

An even better feeling is when you are watching a movie with a cup of hot cocoa or tea in your hand. A tiny blanket should do the job, too!

Decorate and Redecorate

It is too early to decorate for Christmas, I know. But is Christmas the only time when you can decorate? Don’t think so. There are plenty of fall decorations out there that can make your home feel warmer and more pleasant. Spending your time in a cosy room can really boost your feelings and help you get out of that eerie-mood you are into.

If you have little clue about how to decorate your space for autumn or have little time to include this in your life right now, you can always open the old boxes and plan your Christmas decorations (it’s never too early). If you get the time to do this, you will not only have fun remembering the past holidays, but your Christmas activities will be much easier to handle later.

Reconnect with Old Friends

We all have some friends who moved out, were transferred abroad for work or with whom we met on travels. Whatever your case is, this season is the best time to reconnect with old friends. Luckily, with the technology nowadays, your friend is a simple email, message or a phone call away!

Remembering the fun memories with old friends is always done better together. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with your old friends and start reviving all those lovely moments spent together!


Travel is an even better way to reconnect with friends and family. Take the chance and use this autumn for travelling and visiting your friends and family!

You can also arrange a vacation for you and your friends or family. Sometimes, you may even want to jet off on a vacation on your own, just to relax and get out of the fuss of everyday life.

There are so many beautiful places to visit in fall, aren’t there? And if you are not in a fall mood, there are so many places where you can continue your summer vacation, while your home goes through another fall without you.

Read Some Books

Fall is my favourite time for catching up on some reading. When the weather is moody and unpredictable, I enjoy sitting on my sofa and reading some of my favourite books. Don’t you?

Every season has its own beauty and so does the fall. If you just open your eyes and see the colours outside, smell the food, you will realise that this is the most colourful and enjoyable period of the year. If this is the case, why do you spend the fall season feeling nostalgic and down? It is time to find the things that will make your fall as special as any other period of the year.

By: Jessica Freeman 

Jessica Freeman is a professional journalist and a freelance content writer from Sydney, Australia. She focuses her content writing on education, business, career and lifestyle. You can follow her on Facebook and Google+.

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