Get the Stand Out Look With Blue Shades

Get the stand out look with blue shades

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Think blue eyeshadow is safely buried in the past along with the Spice Girls, hair braids and scarily high platform shoes? Think again!

Because the blue makeup trend is big news right now, and before you run away in horror, don’t fear! We have the perfect look that will ease you into this makeup trend that has come back with vengeance.

So let’s talk eyes. You’ve probably come quite accustom to your nude palette, it’s safe, easy and pretty but right now you need to push it aside in favour for something a little more daring.

Trending blue beauty shades

The L’oreal La Couleur eye cream in Blue Curacao is a perfect shade to giving this blue trend a go, but to ensure your eye makeup stays in tip top condition throughout the day, we suggest you use an eyeshadow base to hold it all in place. After all you don’t want a face of blue smudges as you might look like you’ve been in fight and come out a bit worse for wear. We recommend the W7 Get Set eye shadow base for keeping your eye makeup perfectly in tact and avoiding any faux pas!

Once you’ve applied your eye shadow base, it’s time for the main event – use a small eye shadow brush so that you don’t go overboard and end up with WAY too much blue eye shadow! Keep it fairly subtle as the colour will do all the talking.

Karlie Kloss blue eye shadow

To complete the look, apply a pair of gorgeous lashes to give yours a little extra oomph. The Revlon Lengthen lashes are ideal for adding additional length and a fuller lash! If you aren’t into false lashes, or find applying them a bit tricky then instead use lashings of mascara to build volume, one of our favourites is the L’oreal Volumissime in extra-black for a perfect evening look.

In order to really perfect the blue trend, a navy eye pencil finishes off the look just perfectly, but again don’t go too OTT and keep it quite subtle. Apply to your waterline as opposed to a line underneath your eye for a more delicate look that will compliment your eye shadow.

And here you should have it, the perfect look for the blue trend. We love this look and can’t wait to rock the blue trend on holiday! What do you think, do you love the blue trend or do you prefer to stick to neutrals?

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