The Ultimate Boot Buying Bible

The ultimate boot buying bible

Jones Bootmaker Boot Buying Bible

Fashion! The word itself brings the feeling of excitement and wonder, though some of us claim to not follow the trends, we all have our guilty pleasures.

For some of us it’s that little black dress reserved for special occasions, that when paired with a red lip and your favourite strappy sandals makes you feel that you could quite literally take on the world.

It’s the designer handbag you swing with pride on your way to work, dazzling statement accessories and sparkles all created to make you feel like a better version of yourself. But for most of us, the outfit starts at our feet.

Say it with me girls …shoes!

Ohh, I remember the day I slipped in to my first pair of Jimmy Choo heels- it was a true cinderella moment. I swear, I could hear the hallelujah chorus, my foot pinged as I faced myself in the mirror and from that day on fashion entered my life and I have never looked back. The shops on Kings Road became my playground and shoes very quickly became my obsession.

Throughout the years and seasons though trends change but in some cases true style remains the same. Which leads me to the brilliant Boot Buying Bible by Jones Bootmaker, which I just love!

Jones Bootmaker Boots Bible

Okay so I find this boot buying bible extremely interesting, mostly because it shows all different types of boots and their journey through history. And it’s surprising really, that boots have survived the test of time and many in some form or another we still wear today.

Ankle boots and knee-high booties take up half or my wardrobe space so I know a thing or two about shapes and styles but I never knew the history behind the ankle boot for example. I mean, did you know that the ankle boot was specifically designed to protect a lady’s modesty in the 1850s? I sure didn’t. As the ankle was seen as sexual and improper to have on show, I have a feeling the shoe makers back then would not approve of our shoes today.

Jones Bookmaker also has some beautiful takes on the classics which you can find at so there couldn’t be a better time to grab a bargain!

By: Lisa Mcallister 

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