This Company Has Created a Body Scrub Using Coffee. Count Us In!

This company has created a body scrub using coffee. Count us in!

Bean Burst

As an office of coffee lovers, we get quite excited when any new coffee products creep onto our radar. These past weeks we’ve been gossiping all about Bean Burst. A body scrub using coffee? We’re definitely interested.

Bean Burst was inspired by a mother’s love and determination to find a natural remedy for her own child’s skin condition, Fin to be precise! Fin’s mother Jill (co-found of Bean Burst) called upon some help from her best friend of over 15 years, Sarah. Together Jill and Sarah embarked on a journey and never looked back. That journey is what has brought Bean Burst to light. Containing only the finest natural and ethically sourced ingredients, this coffee based scrub offers an abundance of amazing benefits for the skin.

So why does our skin love coffee?

Firstly, its exfoliating products are a huge bonus. It scrubs away dead skin cells making it the ultimate natural exfoliator for your skin. It’s also incredibly soothing. Not only will it cleanse your skin, but the oils contained within the scrub will also help to nourish and regenerate your skin. Caffeine is also fantastic for increasing circulation, reducing cellulite and firming the skin too. What’s not to love?

A key ingredient in the scrub is Marula oil, also known as ‘Africa’s Miracle Oil’ this is down to the high content of vitamin C which helps with collagen production and skin regeneration. Jill and Sarah couldn’t believe the difference this mix of key ingredients made to Fin’s skin, looking and feeling the best it had in years. So much so, they felt they simply had to expand the product and introduce it into the skincare world. The unique combination of robusta coffee, Himalayan salt and oils has made for a truly unique scrub and must have skincare product.

It was their initial commitment to sourcing a natural remedy for Fin which has enabled them to evolve their product, and turn it into a skin saviour for all. A skin saviour that is effective, safe and 100% natural.

Although the product only launched in May of 2015 it has soon grown a large following, with word of mouth spreading the news about just how effective Bean Burst really is for the skin. Not only does Bean Burst exfoliate and regenerate your skin, it is also great for targeting stretch marks, acne, psoriasis and scars. After just one use, our skin felt moisturised, smooth and transformed.

This year, Bean Burst has been a hot topic and received a great amount of buzz with features in Conde Nast’s Spa Guide 2016, Look Magazine, Little London Magazine and Refinery29 UK to name a few!

So fancy a little bit of Bean Burst for yourself? You can pick up the scrub at Honestly Healthy or direct from the Bean Burst website, By now, we all know that we will definitely be buying into this one! With summer looming, it’s time to prepare our skin and get rid of that dry winter feel. Silky smooth skin here we come…

Tilly-Jayne Kidman

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