Seaside Style: Bring the Calming Mood of the Seaside Into Your Bathroom

Seaside style: Bring the calming mood of the seaside into your bathroom

Seaside Bathroom Style

I love redecorating homes. I could literally spend an entire day- and a paycheck or two- in furniture stores. Which is why I may have done a serious happy dance when one of the girls here at YCB told me about Sabichi.

Sabichi combines sandy beach wood tones and cool nautical stripes with modern themes and that’s like crack to me. My entire apartment is covered in blues, greens, and other beachy colours because to be frank, I miss it.

bathroom seaside style

I think what caught my attention the most is that they specialise in items for your bathroom. Which I’ve found is often, surprisingly, the most difficult in any home to decorate or renovate. Weird, right? Probably because any bathroom renovation gets expensive fairly quickly and at a rate more so than any other room. So being able to decorate it on a budget seems to be a must for most, as it is for me and my apartment.

And if you’re like me, I spend more time than I realise in the bathroom, either getting ready or taking a much needed bath. And it’s critical that I’m surrounded by an effortless but put together aesthetic. Most of my decorations there are mermaid and ocean based so Sabichi will fit in perfectly with the established theme. Plus, the line has some really great storage ideas as well, which I know is an often overlooked part of any bathroom. Things tend to pile up quickly and you need something functionally comforting in order to store it, am I right?

And who doesn’t want a beach escape in one of the more relaxing rooms in your home? Tap into the accessories for nautical stripes, sandy accessories, and more. It’ll create some of the best throwbacks to your perfect vacation in The Hamptons or Cape Cod and you won’t even have to leave your home. Perfection. But I think my favourite part of the line is how seamlessly authentic it is. It all ties in together without being too matchy matchy. It blends together quite nicely and I could definitely see a lot of it in not only this current apartment but as an essential staple in homes to come. It’s exactly the style I’ve been looking for all these years. And I’m so excited to purchase some of the styles below:

how to create a seaside bathroom

1. Hope & Anchor shower curtain


2. Stone effect 3pc accessory set

3. White & Neutral stripe bath mat

4. Set of 3 canvas baskets

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