Ginvera: Unlocking The Beauty Secrets Of The Orient

Ginvera: Unlocking the beauty secrets of the Orient


You may or may not know that many of the breakthrough skin-care products of recent years have migrated from the eastern world. Long before the cosmetics industry got excited and slapped BB cream over any product that closely resembles a tinted moisturiser our Asian counterparts were relishing the effects of a unique blend of science and ancient remedies. BB creams, CC creams, the genius of oil blotting papers and beauty oils have all travelled to our shores from Asia but many of the western equivalents share little with these eastern super products other than their names.

So imagine our delight when we discovered that one of Singapore’s most famous skincare brands and many beauty editors skincare secret is making its way over to our shores. When it comes to great products, its always an idea to go straight to the source, a sentiment that was shared by Janiro founders Rob & Nicole Lyons. The beauty of the Janiro brand is that rather than settling for a pale imitation, they’ve tapped into the hero products of Asia directly from one of the continents most loved brands, Ginvera. “We tried the Ginvera Marvel Gel and were literally blown away by its effects,” and so they got in touch with the manufacturer and set about bringing the fabulous range over to the UK. With their roots in Asia and their heart in Europe, Janiro was born, bringing the very best original Asian skin care directly to our cosmetics counter.


Established over 25 years ago, Ginvera is a pioneer in the Singaporean beauty industry and the brand is lauded across Asia as a cosmetics staple. Most famous for their Green Tea range, their products are known for their light texture, helping create the most flawless, radiant, porcelain skin. Dr Tor Lam Huat, who created the range based on traditional Asian skincare direct from his own skincare laboratory, founded the brand in 1985. Here at YCB, we’re most excited for their BB cream and amazing Green Tea Marvel Gel, the product that inspired Janiro founders to bring the brand to the UK.

The Green Tea Marvel Gel is a fabulous product that gently exfoliates the skin, making black heads a distant memory and creating beautiful smooth, shine free skin. “We have been proved right time and time again with the amazing feedback from our consumers, industry insiders and bloggers we really knew we had something special.” The BB (short for blemish balm) phenomenon exploded onto the cosmetics scene a few years ago now, with the promise of revolutionising our skin with make up and skincare rolled into one. With the lure of gaining skin as flawless as Asian supermodel Lui Wen, we’ve been on the search for one that lives up to the hype for what feels like an eternity and the Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB cream is set to become a cult product. Not only does the cream give a beautiful light coverage with added sun protection it also works as a moisturiser with its skin smoothing effect.

So confident are they about the effectiveness of the products, you can order a 10ml sample for just £2 to trial the product, perfect to take a test run before you completely fall for them. Janiro are passionate about two things, the products and their customers. With the fabulous products speaking for themselves, we can’t imagine the beauty secret staying a secret for long.

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