Indulging Our Sweet Tooth At The Spa At Dolphin Square

Indulging our sweet tooth at The Spa at Dolphin Square

Dolphin Square Spa Spa entrance

Us ladies are notorious for having a weakness for all things sweet! Whilst the war on sugar rages on we have to say it’s one bandwagon we will not be jumping on. Sure, we like to keep things healthy but really and truly, swearing off chocolate is a one-way ticket to insanity no? However, the Easter weekend has a tendency to lead to confectionary overload and so in a bid to treat ourselves in a more holistic manner, the Your Coffee Break beauty team headed down to The Spa at Dolphin Square for a their Moroccan Chocolate Delight.

The beautiful spa is a fusion of ancient Moroccan therapies and modern spa treatments in a wonderfully eastern themed studio. Once through the wooden door that takes you through to the spa you truly do feel as though you’ve been transported somewhere exotic, all thoughts of bustling London left firmly behind.

Dolphin Square Spa Hammam

Dolphin Square Spa Treatment room 1

Having ditched our stilettos, dresses and mobiles (sob!) for a cushy robe and flipflops, our afternoon of pampering began. Of course, relaxation cannot be rushed, something The Spa at Dolphin Square understands quite well. Rather than being hurried straight into our treatments, we were led to unwind in the spa’s warmed relaxation area, complete with peppermint tea to gently calm us.

Dolphin Square Spa Hand washing ritual

Dolphin Square Spa Courtyard relaxation area

Mind having begun to unwind, we were taken through to the spa’s award winning Hammam for a wonderful cleansing ritual. Staying true to the authentic Moroccan ritual, the process involves being doused with water before a Tellak (a specially trained salon therapist) exfoliates your skin.

We were instantly relaxed as the warm water washed over us and there is something really quite lovely about the process. Once we had been suitable moistened, the Tellak began the exfoliation with a delectable smelling orange blossom salt scrub. The warmth of the Hammam really helps open pores so the process is really quite thorough in purifying the body. Not content with the properties of solely a scrub, the skin is then thoroughly (really thoroughly!) brushed with a special Kessa glove to remove any impurities that might linger and prepare skin for the other treatments. Far from resembling our own meagre attempts at exfoliating at home (who has the energy for endless body brushing?) the ritual left us super smooth and tingling clean.

Having been scrubbed to perfection, we were led through to the treatment rooms for a divine full body massage. Using a delicious smelling chocolate honey balm, our muscles were manipulated to perfection, easing the tension in our neck (it’s a serious side effect of our iPad addiction) all the way down to our achy legs and feet. The massage in itself was a wonderful indulgence but the chocolate balm really elevated the treatment to a whole new level. When we were left post massage to rest and unwind, eyes shut, it was almost as though we were cocooned in a cocoa bubble, which sounds strange but believe us was really, truly lovely.

Smelling tastier than a Lindt truffle, we dressed and headed up to Dolphin Squares Bar & Grill to complete our session of spoiling with a yummy afternoon tea. After all, we couldn’t possibly swear off the sweet treats all together and believe us, when you smell like a heavenly chocolate bar, you’d be hard pressed to not crave a little sweetness. The perfect end to a delectable afternoon, we sipped Earl Grey, nibbled dinky little finger sandwiches and of course, gave in to the divine chocolate macaroons.

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