Dior Gives Beauty Lovers the Perfect Christmas Gift: The Grand Bal Dior

Once upon a time…

The Dior heroine sat in front of her vanity and wondered how to prepare herself for the holiday ball that night. Inspired by a glamourous modernized 17th-century look, she made herself even more beautiful embracing the fantasy of Christmas.

The Grand Bal Dior

The Dior heroine entered the ballroom, her cheekbones glistening with the shimmer of The Diorskin Loose Powder in Gold Dust that she lightly dusted upon her face before the night began.

Merely standing at the edge of the ballroom floor, she stole the gaze of every man in the room. Although she had her pick, she found her prince charming and eyed him with her sultry stare. But who could resist her eyes adorned with beautiful silver drops and gold crystals of her Dior eyelashes?

As her prince charming approached her, he noticed the glamorous pearl shimmer eye shadow from her Dior Palette 5 Couleurs just below her brow bone. He became even more enticed.

He reached his hand out offering her a first dance and she placed her polished hand in his. He pulled her into his arms and they twirled across the floor in a swirl of shadows and light.

Eyes around the room followed the couple, women pondering how she attained such a glamorous appearance. If only they knew of Dior’s Palette Grand Ball, which held the collection of shadows, eyeliner and lip color to transform them into Dior heroines themselves.

Soon the end of the ball neared and Prince Charming whisked the Dior heroine to the side. He looked down at her silky lips and could not help but steal a kiss.

The Dior Grand Bal

Balls were a constant theme beating at the heart of Monsieur Dior’s fashion and life. From the extravagant parties in Granville, his childhood home, which gave him a glimpse of his destiny in couture to the follies of the Parisian balls in the roaring 20s, the couturier was profoundly fascinated by transformation.

And “now that Cinderella’s fairy godmother no longer exists couturiers are the only magicians,” said Christian Dior. That’s why Dior’s Palette Grand Ball was created, to bring the fantasy of Christmas to women across the globe.

Dior Beauty Grand Ball

The Grand Bal Palette Palette  contains a pearl duo eye shadow, in Platinum and Gold, a duo of sumptuous lip glosses and silky get black eyeliner for £60.00

1) Included in the brand new couture beauty line are Dior False Eyelashes, featuring beautiful silver drops along the lash line of glossy long lashes, alternatively choose sophisticated gold Swarovski crystals across the lash line for £19.00.

2) Newly designed Dior’s Diorfic lipstick comes in five new silky shades to match the Baroque trends of the season: Diorling, Marilyn, Lady and Diva. £25.00

3) The Dior Poudre Libre will make you glimmer and glow for all the extravagant and luxurious events for Autumn Winter trends. The golden scented undertones of the powder will look amazing dusted across your cheek bones and collar bone for £31.50

4) 5 Couleurs Eye Shadow includes two different palettes to choose from and five colours in each palette, able to serve all of you holiday plans for £40.

5) Dior Addict Ultra Gloss is available in two new shades, Lame Gold and Ceremony Red. For this sophisticated and intriguing look wear both together for £21 each.

6) The new look Diorific Vernis gives your hands beautifully finished, shiny, and vivacious color for £20.

For more info about the Dior Makeup simply go to Selfridges.com.