Over Clean: Expert Reveals the 6 Things You’re Cleaning Too Much

In our quest for spotless homes, many of us spend hours buffing and scrubbing every surface we can find, especially if we’ve got small children or pets at home.

However, according to experts, there is such a thing as “too clean”. Many will be surprised to learn that excessive cleaning can sometimes do more harm than good. Depending on what items you have in your home, you could actually be lessening the lifespan of some of your belongings.

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Cleaning experts at Cleaning Pros reveal the items that could be suffering from overzealous cleaning habits and provide tips on how to clean your items effectively.

1. Mirrors On the Wall

We’re all obsessed with having a clean mirror – aren’t we all?

Some of us have a habit of cleaning our mirrors almost daily, thinking it will be the path to a sparkling reflection. 

Quite the contrary, excessive mirror cleaning can backfire. 

“The moisture from humidity and glass cleaners can seep behind the mirror, damaging the backing over time and turning it to just glass left.

Avoid this by ensuring the proper ventilation in your bathroom and reserve your glass cleaner for a once-a-week clean,” say the experts. 

2. Polishing to the End

We all love finishing off our cleans with a bit of polish, but too much wax or polish can lead to cloudy or dark surfaces on your furniture.

“For addressing waxy build-ups on furniture, wood especially, black tea is a helpful option. Brew two tea bags and allow the liquid to cool down, then dip a soft cloth into it, squeezing it until it’s slightly damp.

This helps to gently lift grease, grime or dirt buildup without damaging surfaces.

For pesky watermarks, swift action is vital. Applying a solution of olive oil or mayonnaise can help, let it sit for an hour, then proceed to gently buff it away” suggest the experts. 

3. TLC Needed

Wooden furniture like tables and seating areas can be a tricky item to clean, especially when overzealous cleaning methods are applied.

Wood spray polishes should be used sparingly as they can trap dust and create stains.

The experts recommend avoiding harsh sponges and circular motions in favour of gentle wipe motions, or by dabbing the affected area.

Rough cleaning is just as bad as over-cleaning!

4. Carpet Love

Carpets are designed to last for years, but they require proper care to stand the test of time. 

While weekly vacuuming is beneficial for your rugs, anyone excessively steam cleaning could find themselves with a problem.

“Steam cleaning too much can lead to discolouration, patches and even snags in your rug. Limit steam cleaning to twice a year at the most.

When you’re vacuuming, use the highest setting on the vacuum head to avoid damaging the carpet fibres’ ends,” advise the experts. 

5. Stop Rinsing 

If you use a dishwasher, there’s no need to pre-rinse dishes before loading them – less work for you too.

“Pre-rinsing not only wastes water but can confuse the built-in soil sensors, resulting in lighter washes and leftover food bits.

Scrape off any leftovers from your plates and let your dishwasher do what it was intended for,” say the experts. 

6. Peace of Mind

Just as pre-rinsing dishes can be counterproductive, attempting to clean your gutters without professional assistance can lead to similar frustrations.

In such cases, opting for professional assistance, such as Professional Gutter Cleaning Services by ARP Wash, ensures thorough and effective cleaning without the unnecessary hassle and potential damage caused by amateur efforts.

When it comes to maintaining a smoothly running household, embracing the expertise of professionals can save both time and energy.

Much like trusting your dishwasher to handle the dirty work efficiently, entrusting tasks like gutter cleaning to experienced professionals ensures optimal results with minimal stress.

So, next time you’re faced with a maintenance task like gutter cleaning, consider leaving it to the experts and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a job well done.

7. Beauty Sleep

We’re not advising you to stop washing your bed linen, but things like comforters, weighted blankets and comforters aren’t to be cleaned like regular sheets.

Overwashing can make parts of your bedding lumpy and even lead them to lose their life earlier.

“Bedspreads should be washed two to three times a year, comforters every one to two years, and quilts only when necessary.

This also goes for our clothes too, preserve your denim by washing it less! Avoid washing items like jeans, sweaters, and jackets too often, as this can wear out the fabric,” recommend the experts. 

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.