7 Aspects of Design to Consider Before Purchasing Driveway Gates

Driveway gates are the first things that people tend to notice when they visit a home for the first time. Whether modern, artistic or imposing, the right type and style of gate can enhance the architectural elements present within the curb appeal of the facade. Driveway gates are not just a design element, but they also offer a peace of mind and adequate protection against intruders.

There are numerous driveway gate designs that homeowners can make their selections from. As such, we will discuss seven of the most important elements below!

1. The Location Of The Gate

The location of your entrance determines how your gate will swing open. Whether it swings outward towards the street or the neighbor’s residence, internal swinging or single panel gates are recommended. Of course, the neighborhood your property is situated in will also determine the design elements of the gate. Consider what neighboring gates look like and whether you require something more modern or classic. Lastly, if your neighborhood is prone to crime and break-ins, take into consideration the stability of the gate and its ability to offer intruder protection.

2. Style Of The Gate

Aesthetics are everything, and the style of gate you select should complement and never detract from the style of home you live in. The style of gate you select for a luxurious condo will greatly differ from what you would expect in front of a rustic bungalow. You can greatly enhance the curb appeal of any property by choosing a gate that seamlessly blends into the surrounding areas like a UK made aluminum garden gate.

3. The Space

The amount of space your property has allotted for the gate can greatly impact the design. For example, you have more leeway when you have a large amount of space versus having a small area. Small spaces can benefit from sliding gates, meanwhile, double gates are perfect for wide and imposing areas.

4. Automatic Vs. Manual

How you open the gate will determine whether you need an automatic or a manual option. It’s also crucial to consider who will open the gate. Whether you have young kids, older adults or hired help, these all impact the ease of opening and closing the system. Electronic gates are usually easier to open and weigh significantly less than their traditional wooden counterparts. Other considerations for gate access include whether it has manual or electronic key access, remote control options, swipe card access or intercom access by an intercom installation company.

5. Gate Color

As your front gate is the first impression people make of your residence, you will need to carefully select the ideal color. Black is always the go-to color because it matches everything, but that doesn’t mean your home wouldn’t play well with other tones. In short, make sure the colour of your driveway gate complements the aesthetics present in your home.

6. Assess Needs

The type and style of gate you need will solely depend on your lifestyle needs. It’s crucial to take into consideration whether you have pets prone to wandering, or have a commercial business that needs constant access.

7. Consider Powering The Gate

Manual gates don’t require any power to operate. For gates that do require electricity, you can hook the gate up to your home’s electrical source. As electric and automatic gate openers are designed to work with both swinging and automatic gates, a wireless transmitter or manual device can help power them. If your area is prone to inclement weather and power outages, it’s also possible to power the gate from a backup solar energy source.

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.