Get Your Guest Bedroom Ready on a Budget

As the countdown to the festive season draws closer, the excitement for big celebrations with friends and family begins to settle in. Many people will be beginning to prepare their spare bedrooms, ready to host guests over the holidays. The festive period can come with many expenses however, there are plenty of budget-friendly ways in which you can prepare for the season. 

We teamed up with Snug Sleep Expert, Sally Bonser, who has shared some simple tips to ensure your guests have a comfortable stay whilst on a budget. 

1. Ensure the bedding is inviting and cosy

“With the weather getting chillier, a higher tog duvet is the ideal way to ensure that your guests keep warm and cosy. The Snug Snuggle Up Duvet (from £24.99) is the ideal way to ensure all your guests are kept happy. The 13.5 tog duvet and pillows are filled with soft and squishy fibres to keep them snug all night long. This can additionally be swapped for a 15 tog alternative for extra warmth and comfort. 

2. Extra amenities 

“It is always a nice idea to make guests feel even more at home by providing them with some extra amenities during their stay. Try to think of the items you would often forget or need when staying away for the night, along with some of your guests’ favourite items. Some great options include hand cream, body lotion, a sleep mask, a candle, a spare phone charger, or a few treats for them to snack on and enjoy. These can then be left in their room or by the bed as a gift from you to them. 

3. Keep their furry friend as snug as you

“Quite often it’s not only your friends and family who stay over for the night but their pets too. It’s a nice idea to provide a soft space for furry friends to sleep in, so they too can have a cosy night’s rest. The Snug Furry Friends Super Fluffy Pet Bed (from £25) is an inexpensive addition to your guest bedroom. Being both comfortable and supportive, the bed is generously filled with soft fibres so your guests’ pets can be treated to a hotel-esque stay – just like you.

4. Give their head the ultimate rest

“Similar to duvets, guests may favour a very specific style of pillow that suits their needs. With so many varieties available, finding the perfect one to cater to each guest can be a tricky task. The Snug Just Right Pillows (£16.99) are ideal for everyone, being generously filled with squishy fibres and covered in a super soft material means everyone is kept happy.”

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.