Botanical, Earth and Mineral: How to Style Your Home Beautifully with the Colours of Nature   

Uncertainty over the past few years has made us realise how much we value the calming properties of nature in our every day to settle any unease. As we long for spaces of sanctuary and serenity in our homes, updating our interiors with a touch of tranquillity can promote wellness and soothes the soul.

Christy’s Autumn Winter 2022 collection, called Human Nature blurs both human qualities with nature. Using this core belief as inspiration, the luxury bed linen company explore the four key colour palettes of the season; botanical, earth, mineral and quartz.  

Lucy Ackroyd, Head of Design, at Christy has provided us with her expert advice on how to incorporate each of these trends, inspired by the elements by using soft furnishings in the bedroom and bathroom. 

1. Inspired by: Botanics

Botanical means all things green, the most notable colour of nature, which is known to dissolve stress and boost productivity. Connect with nature by introducing rich leafy shades to create balance and a sense of comfort and calm.

Lucy says: “Surrounding ourselves with nature can instantly make us feel more relaxed and plants are renowned for helping us breathe better as they can increase oxygen levels in the home. As the days turn colder it can be difficult to venture outdoors so now is a good time to bring the outside in using your home interiors.

“In the bathroom, adding green accessories and soft furnishings are a great way to add a pop of colour into the space without a full bathroom revamp. Position plant pots on your bath tray, whilst you while away time indulging in a comforting soak before wrapping yourself in a soft forest green towel to match your botanical theme.”

2. Inspired by: Earth

Warm desert-inspired tones such as terracotta, caramel, and sand, bring balance and peace by creating a neutral calmness throughout the home. Whilst also mimicking the colour of changing leaves, warm beiges and browns are the perfect choices for the autumnal season. 

Lucy advises: “The bedroom is the place where you should feel your most relaxed, a place to leave your worries, and something as simple as styling your bed can be the ideal way to make yourself feel cosy and safe.  

“When dressing your bed, layering warm earthy tones is a great way to create a sheltered haven for you to escape to. The richness of these shades helps to create a cacoon effect, evoking feelings of safety and feeling grounded.  

“To achieve the perfect bed to hibernate in, think about the colours you use for each component of the bed. For your foundation, start light with your fitted sheets for a clean base. Choose a slightly darker, warmer shade for your duvet to add warmth. And finally, when accessorising with throws and shams, use your darkest shade to add depth and dimension.”

3. Inspired by: Minerals

Soft mineral blue, green and grey tones create a relaxed atmosphere at home with soul-soothing benefits. These colours feature at the centre of the Japandi interiors trend, a cultural fusion between Scandinavian and Japanese interior design. The trend is rooted in creating a room that prioritises a sleek, minimalist, and cosy feel,  with the inclusion of nature being integral to the style. 

Lucy says: “The cooling and calming effects of blue work well to inspire tranquillity which works perfectly in bathrooms by bringing in a clean, fresh look. If you are designing your bathroom, creating a feature wall as a focal point by using blue tiles is a great way to wash the room with colour. Consider different shapes such as hexagons or herringbone to add character. To tie the room together and create balance, layer blue and grey towels on top of each other against a lighter-coloured wall,” 

“The great thing about the mineral palette is that it is so easy to work with. Keeping design minimalistic and functional in the bathroom is essential to create a space you can fully relax in, so keep it simple!” 

4. Inspired by: Quartz

Soft rose pinks through to deep damson shades revitalise and heal forming a sense of balance and harmony in the home. Associated with kindness and love, quartz is known to be a healing crystal that brings clarity, positive energy and compassion. Correctly incorporating this colour into the home brings a touch of sophistication and decadence, transforming your space into a chic hub. 

Lucy says: “Pink is having a real moment this year and quartz tones, such as rose or baby pink, are a more subtle way to add colour to your home without disrupting your existing home decor. 

“I’d recommend using a plain white duvet, sheet and pillows as a base bedding set and use pink accessorising furnishings such as blush cushions and a cosy Jaipur throw positioned at the end of the bed for a sophisticated and luxurious look without overpowering the rest of the room.

“A softer pink and neutral tones work well in a bedroom because the colour palette offers freshness and serenity throughout the whole day to ease you when waking up and help you wind down at night. Highlight the blossom tones in the rest of the bedroom by using candy-coloured accessories and furniture such as lamp shades, side tables and faux flowers.” 

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.