The Cushion Colours You Need to Achieve #Cosycore   

With #cosycore reaching 425.1M views on TikTok and searches for ‘ochre cushions‘ +60% this last month on Google, it’s clear everyone is looking to snuggle into the new season. 

When it comes to ‘cosifying’ your living space it can be as easy as switching out your cushions and throws. But, selecting colour ways, textures and perfecting the finer details of your chosen soft furnishings can be a challenge.  

To help you perfect the art of #cosycore, M&S Homeware’s Visual Merchandiser shares five designer-approved ways of making a living room cosy.  

1. Add an Autumnal touch with earth-inspired tones 

To add Autumnal-inspired interiors into your home, choose cushions in earthy tones such as golden ochre to breathe an instant warmth into your space. Deemed Brits’ favourite cushion colour by recent research carried out by M&S, here is how you should style the shade: “Tie this striking shade into your interiors by pairing with white or cream soft furnishings as this will help to create a warm contrast. For added cosiness, layer up your space with different textures and fabrics such as a natural jute rug or beautifully natural woven materials such as wicker or rattan baskets as these will help to pick out the golden tones for ochre touches.” 

2. Play with patterns, textures and fabrics 

If a daring aesthetic is more your thing, making sure it remains cohesive is important to balance out the designs, colours and patterns you love.  

“If you want to style a statement cushion such as golden ochre, pairing it with other bold colours can create a striking aesthetic. For example, pair with navy to create a majestic colour scheme or pair with pink to inject personality into the room.” 

3. Consider the 60:30:10 decor rule 

To harmonise the colour, patterns and textures in a room, they advise: “Following the classic decor rule of 60:30:10, if you have a sage green painted wall as your dominant colour in 60% of the room, you can match this with a complementary secondary tone, such as calm ochre in the curtains or furniture. To make up the remaining accented 10%, use accessories like cushions and throws. To decide on the perfect cushion combination, patterns using an analogous colour palette, where three hues are all adjacent to each other on the colour wheel, are a good option. 

“Think faux fur, sheepskin or tasselled textures against patterns – such as stripes, geometric or nature-themed illustrations – to help tie in with the rest of your interiors.”    

4. Think about the positioning of your cushions 

Once you’ve selected your chosen colour schemes, the next step is finding the golden ratio to furnishing your living room with the optimum number of cushions. If you’re styling your cushions on a sofa: “Using too many cushions on a sofa can be impractical and sometimes overkill, whereas using too few can leave the furniture looking a little wanting and sparse resulting in some aching backs and sore bottoms.” 

“For a classic look on an average four-seater sofa, it’s best to go for a combination of two large square cushions in a plain colour positioned at the back. You’ll then have the opportunity to play with patterns and colours by layering on two smaller square cushions in a vibrant design. To make sure that all comfort bases are covered, the two smaller cushions should meet in the middle.  

“Go for a more a-symmetric design for a casual look on your four-seater sofa by using an odd amount of cushions, like three or five, in unified prints from the same cushion family to reinforce a relaxed aesthetic.” 

5. Create a cosy nook  

To convert an unused corner of your room, create a cosy nook to extend your living space and provide more spaces for relaxation.  

“To create your cosy retreat, pair an armchair with a side table and floor lamp. To cosy it up, add cushions and throws. You don’t need too many cushions to get cosy on an armchair; one large cushion will suffice just fine. To pull in the overall balance of the room, mimic and match the colours and patterns of your sofa cushions.  

“Add some extra details to your nook to add warmth and personality such as a hanging planter or some artwork. When it comes to styling your side tables, accessories with a vase of flowers and a scented candle.”  

To find your perfect cushion combo for your living space, find more advice from James here:  

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.