5 Design Tricks to Make Your Home Instantly Cosier this Autumn

The UK’s record-breaking summer has finally come to an end, and in its place, cosy season is taking over!

But creating a snuggle-worthy space can be tricky if you don’t follow some fundamental rules.

Follow our top five design tricks to instantly create cosiness and help you make your home feel more welcoming this autumn…

Opt for warmer lighting

When it comes to creating a cosy atmosphere, you want to avoid anything that feels and looks cold. And this starts with your lighting choices.

Lightbulbs should be a warmer hue. Anything too cool-toned will create a frosty atmosphere – not ideal for cosiness. Look for bulbs under 3,000K for warm white.

You also want to avoid just one source of light. Instead, create ambient lighting with clusters of illumination such as lamps, string lights, candles or strip LEDs.  

Mix textures

One mistake we see all too often is choosing décor that is too matchy-matchy in texture. Especially when it comes to throw pillows.

While it’s easy to think matching sets will look more uniform, what this really does is create a space that looks flat and lacks life.

Our brains love a-symmetry, so don’t be afraid to mix it up with your throw pillows and décor to prevent your styling from feeling rigid.

Go for a range of soft textures and fabrics such as knit, faux fur, linen and velvet which will not only help provide warmth to your space but will also make your décor more interesting to look at.

Avoid a super strict colour palette

You can also apply the same principle to your colour palette.

Instead of sticking to a strict colour palette of three to four shades, select a range of hues from each colour that you can subtly incorporate throughout your room.

This will help prevent the dreaded matchy-matchy effect while still maintaining cohesion.

When it comes to picking a cosy colour palette, typically warmer shades will work best. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create cosiness with a cooler palette.

Just be sure to include plenty of softness with your décor and incorporate natural textures to offset colder tones. Leafy plants can also help bring warmth to a cool-toned room.

Banish bare walls

Nothing can make a room feel more uninviting than a spine-chilling echo.

Echoes occur when sound bounces off of hard surfaces, so you’ll need to fill your room with plenty of soft furnishings to help absorb some of this sound.

Adorning your walls with art will not only prevent echoes but will also help inject personality into your space. Choosing pieces that are personal to you will make your space feel more inviting for guests and give that homey feel.

Alternatively, opt for tapestries which add additional softness to traditional paintings or photographs.

If you don’t want to drop a lot of money on tapestries and artwork, tea towels in seasonal prints are a fabulous alternative for a fraction of the cost. Simply pair with a tapestry hanger for a cheap way to switch out your seasonal décor.

Create enclosed cosiness

While grand rooms with tall ceilings are impressive to look at, they aren’t the ideal setting for creating cosiness. Creating a space that is enclosed without feeling cramped will make the perfect set-up for autumnal snuggles. 

Section rooms that have a lot of space – a sectional sofa, for example, is perfect for dividing a large room. Alternatively, open bookcases and strategically placed rugs can subtly segment your space.

Your painting schemes can also greatly alter how your space is perceived. For example, painting your ceiling a darker shade than your walls will create the illusion of shorter ceilings.

Pendant lights can also help draw the eye downwards to reduce the height of your space. Similarly, shelving can help break up blank wall space and lower the gaze.

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.