How to Incorporate Maximalism in Your Home Decor 

While scandi minimalism, clean lines and bright whites took the firm interior top spot for some time, it seems the complete opposite is being embraced this year. Pinterest searches for ‘maximalist decor’ peaked this Summer and are set to make a comeback all the way through to your dining room, according to tableware experts.

Andrea Waters, Head of Brand, at pottery company, Spode, is here to tell you how to incorporate the maximalism trend into your Autumn tablescape by embracing their latest capsule Zoological Gardens design.

Set the scene 

“Maximalism is all about throwing caution to the wind and really going for it when it comes to interiors.” Says Andrea. Think less about what will go well together and work in harmony, but more about what you can contrast perfectly and having the confidence to do it. “Layering textures, colours and patterns is the key to pulling this trend off and the wonderful thing is, anything goes!”

“Tablescaping has been a huge trend recently, transitioning from something you do for seasonal events such as Christmas and Easter, to something that’s an all-year-round staple for entertaining your guests at home.” This means that people are opting for fewer gimmicks and choosing long-lasting tableware that you can bring out for any and every occasion instead. The idea is that your table set up adds an extra dimension to your diner party and allows you to create an experience your guests won’t forget.

Think print

“When choosing your maximalist tableware there’s one rule to follow that will ensure you execute the trend effortlessly and that’s opting for a print! While bold colours are perfectly fitting, the contrast of a print is exactly what your tablescape needs to add that extra ‘wow’ factor and adds yet another layer of detail to catch the eye.

“Our newest design at Spode, ‘Zoological Gardens’ embraces three different archived prints to depict scenes of majestic exotic animals in their wonderful surroundings through a modern monochromatic colourway with splashes of pink and turquoise that scream maximalist. Overall, the range takes a familiar, traditional pattern and spins it completely with contrasting, bold colours to provide you with the perfect contemporary tableware set!”

Debut your tableware 

Of course, tableware of this grandeur deserves a proper debut which is why it’s important to get your tablescape just right for your dinner party and while your ceramics will do the talking, it’s always nice to add those extra special touches.

Andrea continues: “Start by laying out your tablecloth – again, there’s no need to overthink this but definitely opt for something richer in colour. For the ultimate maximalist look, choose an animal print tablecloth as a fun and stylish nod to your Zoological ceramics. You could go a step further with this and choose a completely different animal print to display on your table napkins which contrasts completely with the tablecloth but looks fabulous when paired together strategically.

“You’ll then want to look at what cutlery you’d like to display with your tableware and when going for something maximalist, the usual silver set might not always cut it. Think outside the box with matte blacks and gold cutlery sets, or consider an amazing custom cutlery that reflects your unique style, elevating your dining experience to a whole new level. These luxurious options create more depth sitting on your table. Finally, you can go all out with some blooming bouquets as your centrepiece to finish off your maximalist tablescape!” 

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Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.