How Can You Bring the Farmhouse Charm Into Your Kitchen Remodeling

Did you ever imagine that farmhouse charm could be trendy or in style? When people hear farmhouse-style kitchen, their minds automatically shift to a traditionally coal-choked kitchen. Contrary to the coal-choked kitchen belief, farmhouse-inspired kitchens are trendy and classic. The style makes a home homey. It’s comfortable. It creates a feeling of a mellow little space that brings families together. Also, your family feels connected to their roots. 

Regardless of your home’s age or location, you can recreate the farmhouse charisma in your kitchen. Incorporate the farmhouse allure into your kitchen remodeling project through these ideas. You may hire a kitchen remodeling services contractor if you need professional kitchen remodeling solutions.

Expose Things 

Exposed ceiling, beams, or shelves gives the kitchen a farmhouse overtone. 

Open shelves, a staple design in modern kitchens, is not a trend that emerged recently. The open shelf idea originated from farmhouse kitchens due to their functionality, ease of installation, and beauty. Use untreated wood to add the rustic element to the open shelves. You can also weather or distress the treated wood to get the vintage and authentic-looking shelves. 

Apart from the open shelves, a farmhouse-inspired kitchen is not complete without exposed ceiling beams and hardwood floors. Exposed beams instantly give your kitchen a farmhouse feel. You can use real or faux wood. But you have to ensure the existing structure can support your beams. 

You can also create a bare brick wall feature in your kitchen. 

Mix Bold and Neutral Hues

Most farmhouse kitchens often use a light neutral color palette. But you can mix bold and neutral hues to accomplish a warm farmhouse-inspired kitchen. Choose the wall colors after you’ve picked colors for other surfaces in the kitchen. 

Use neutral hues such as white, grays, browns, or beiges as your base. Pick a color that coequals your existing kitchen surfaces. You can also include a bolded accent wall or use the ceiling as an accent wall. For a smaller kitchen, stick to neutral colors but in varying shades to add dimension to your kitchen. You can opt for whites and browns. It’s the perfect color palette for a farmhouse kitchen.  

Shaker Warm Wood Cabinets 

Shaker cabinets are synonymous with farmhouse kitchens. Therefore, consider remodeling your cabinet to neutral-colored shaker cabinets with the help of Gamma Cabinetry. The neutral-colored cabinets will give your kitchen a touch of modernity while still giving it the chance to embody the farmhouse style. 

Intensify the farmhouse vibe by adding distressed or antique finishes to the cabinets. Let a cabinet remodeling contractor take on the task. They’ll help you install rustic shaker cabinets to achieve iconic results that can add farmhouse glamor to your kitchen.     

Woody Countertops 

A woody butcher block countertops give your kitchen an old-fashioned vibe. It adds dimension to your kitchen, turning it into a stunning space. Use hardwood if you’re worried about the longevity of your countertops. They are durable. You can pair the wooden countertops with rustic open shelves for a more traditional feel. 

Sprinkle Rustic Pieces All Over the Kitchen

Rustic elements in the kitchen will not only add a farmhouse feel to your kitchen but also add character. Use dated decor pieces and display your vintage finds around the kitchen. Use pieces that look as authentic as possible. Any decor piece that looks too new or modern may break the farmhouse feel.   

Instead of cardboard or a glass egg tray, use a wooden bowl to store and display your eggs. Don’t forget the sink area. You need to let this space stand out. If you can, swap your sink for a farmhouse sink. Make the farmhouse sink aesthetically pleasing by opting for one made out of natural stone. Besides, they are durable. However, you’ll need to give it additional support due to its weight.   

You can also combine the exposed beams with organic lighting pieces. The organic lighting will add a roughened charm to your kitchen. Also, don’t ignore the little details like faucets and hardware. 

Pottery Collection 

It’s creative and adds an old-fashioned fascination to the kitchen. You can choose to take a colorful route or be monochromatic with your pottery pieces. You can group them in style or color to make them visually pleasing. Pottery is equally heavenly when displayed alone. You can fill the stand-alone ceramic or clay pots with flowers or place them next to antique decor pieces.

Closing Thoughts 

There you have it. Ideas to turn your kitchen into one of the most coveted farmhouse-inspired kitchens. Remember, simplicity is key to adding an old-fashioned touch to your modern kitchen. Do it with love. Use the right undertones, distressed wood, antique decor pieces, and creatively display your bowls and pottery. It’s all about giving your kitchen a classic farmhouse touch. All in all, create something that will remain stylish and timeless. 

Peter Palladino

Peter Palladino, a business development professional with 10 years of experience working in China. He constantly writes extensive articles covering topics about emerging markets, their ability to attract new business/investments from abroad. He helped many of them create branches in China, Japan, and the Philippines, and have been quite exposed to business-making in those markets. He has experience working in a range of industries and providing technical support in topics such as business growth, market expansion, and product development. Currently, he is also serving as an Expert at Globalization Pedia and provides technical advice for its China EOR solutions targeting U.S. International businesses. Peter is passionate about family, languages, traveling, and reading.