Simple Summer Bedroom Decorating Ideas 

With so many outdoor and indoor activities available throughout the summer, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to decorate. You can’t go wrong with beach-themed décor in your home’s summer makeover. Consider investing in magnificent outdoor dining set to make a significant impact. When it’s time to decorate for the fall, you can put away most of your summer-inspired items.

Re-paint your bedroom in the summer’s color scheme

Incorporate coastal hues like summer whites, sandy beige, watery blues, and beach pebble gray into your color scheme for the summer. Also, try decorating with yellow if you want to bring out the summer feel. It’s an immediate mood lifter, regardless of the weather. Any area in your room can have a seaside feel if you work within the colors you already have.

Switch to Linen Bedding

Replace your thicker bed sheets and pillowcases with lighter, cooler, and more breathable ones like the bamboo memory foam pillow to create a softer, more airy atmosphere. In addition, a new duvet cover can instantly transform the look of your bedroom. You’ll still want cool sheets when the temperature rises, so go for natural fibers like linen and cotton.

Decorate your bedroom with flowers and plants

Draw inspiration from nature and decorate your bedroom with gorgeous flowers and plants throughout the summer months. They’re not only lovely to look at, but they’ll also make you feel peaceful and wonderful. In addition to making us feel better, spending time in nature and being surrounded by plants has been proven to elevate our moods.

Create a comfortable sitting space in your bedroom

For a laid-back summer look, you must have floor cushions. You can choose a big cushion that looks like a couch or colorful floor pillows. Also, ensure that you pair your new seating with a minimal table for entertainment purposes.

Use summer scents in your bedroom

Aside from the aesthetics, there is more to consider while planning a summertime home décor scheme. Using fruity and tropical scents can make your room smell like summer. To get the optimum balance of fragrances in your bedroom, stick to a small number of fragrances from a single line or manufacturer.

Switch up your accessories

Embrace the season by accessorizing with beach and summer-inspired pieces. Add a flowering branch to make your bedroom feel like a summer getaway.

Incorporate summer-themed hanging lights

Install hanging lights to illuminate areas in your bedroom that rarely receive enough light. Hanging lights are an easy and affordable way of brightening your room. You can create a reading or relaxing area. Additionally, go for an open design that lets in plenty of natural light even when it’s not sunny.

Purchase baskets

Liven and brighten your bedroom with baskets from natural materials such as hyacinth grass, sisal, or wicker. You can use the baskets to store extra throw blankets and keep the bedroom from getting too messy.

Install a bed frame

Consider using natural bed frames and headboards as part of your new summer bedroom decor. Use materials such as rattan, wood, and linen to create a bohemian atmosphere in your bedroom. For a beachy look, a white wood bed frame is ideal. Neutral and natural bedframes allow you to easily switch up your bedding, pillows, and blankets to match the season.

Add new artwork to your walls

Now more than ever, it’s simpler than ever to find unique and cheap wall art. If you’re looking for something a little more formal, framed prints are a great option. Swapping out your wall art is a simple and inexpensive method to incorporate seasonal colors and freshen your bedroom.

Re-organize your space

De-cluttering your room is another way to update and brighten your bedroom during summer. Put aside your winter gear, including your boots and thick jackets. Keep your space cool by rolling up thick floor rugs.

Get Creative with Patterns

You can add a vibrant and upbeat atmosphere by using eye-catching patterns. Please don’t be hesitant to experiment with patterns, whether with floral designs, stripes, or something more geometric. Textile and upholstery aren’t the only options. Beds and chests of drawers, dressers, and benches can all add a whimsical touch to your bedroom.

You should decorate your room to reflect your style rather than copying what everyone else has done. Use mood-enhancing bright colors on the walls or wallpaper with striking floral and botanical patterns to make a lasting impression. Both will deliver a burst of summer enchantment and excitement right away.

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.