How Lighting Can Affect Your Mood 

The majority of people spend a large chunk of their time in closed rooms with artificial lighting. While artificial lighting is incredibly useful when it comes to lighting up spaces that would otherwise be dark, the type of lighting used can have a huge impact on your mood. Think about the last time you went to someone’s home who had great lighting that was fixed by Toronto handyman. Chances are you felt warm, happy and upbeat. The space was bright and welcoming and gave off lots of ‘good vibes’.

While lighting is designed to appear effortless, there’s actually quite a great deal of planning involved when it comes to choosing the right lights for your home, as noted by LED Supplier. The planning comes down to the way lighting makes us feel and is tailored depending on the room. If you’re looking to learn more about how lighting affects your mood and how to adjust the lighting in your home accordingly, keep reading on to find out more.

Yellow tones in home lighting

Yellow tones in the home make the brain think of sunrise and sunset- these are times when the body is naturally at rest, so yellow tones tend to give off relaxed and comfortable feelings. Weak and warm lighting makes environments more peaceful and indirectly relaxes people. While this wouldn’t be an ideal fit for an office environment, going for yellow hues in the bedroom is a great way to wind down after chaotic days. Be careful though – yellow tones can quickly go from calm and relaxing to harsh and jarring. Instead of focusing on ceiling lights for yellow hues, it’s a good idea to utilise classic and modern wall lights from lighting specialists to bring an on-trend look to your home. If you have damaged lighting fixtures, it is recommended to have them fixed by a lighting system repair contractor.

Subtle lighting

There is a significant amount of research detailing the positive impacts artificial lighting has on mood when it comes to home lighting and health. That’s why it’s important to get the lighting right in your home in order to emit feelings of warmth and happiness. While lots of bright light is ideal, it’s also important to have different types of lighting selections available to tailor how much light you want at different parts of the day.

Ways to light your home

Lamps are the perfect way to light your home as with the different styles and lighting tones available, you can choose the way you wish to light the rooms in your home. Floor lamps are one of the most popular types of lamps being purchased by homeowners right now in home decor and for good reason. Floor lamps come in different styles and ambients, which is perfect for adding warm lighting to your living room while getting the benefit of a new piece of furniture at the same time.

Bedside lamps are also great for tailoring lighting depending on the time of day. Variations in lighting also impact behaviours such as rest during sleep, and it is known that the presence of artificial light may have negative impacts if not used correctly in the evening. This is where bedside lamps come in. Using improper lighting for things like reading in bed isn’t only bad for your eyes, it’s bad for your mood and sleep, too. That’s why it’s important to have a table lamp for times like before bed or right when you wake up. If you’re looking for additional lighting options, right here Simple Lighting offers a wide selection of LED tape that can be used to enhance your bedroom’s ambiance.

Anabel Cooper

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